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    "We're distracting them, remember that. Once there's too many, we have to fall back so we can lead them away, then leave the realm when we're far enough." Amalga quickly states. From what the party can see, there are six guards—all of which are wikkat—but one of them are running back towards their base, more than likely to try and warn others that they are under attack. One of the soon-to-be five guards is ordering the others, which Jefferey is already jogging towards. Two guards are separated from the others, but are further back with bows and are readying their arrows. The last two are the closest to the party, one being the guard Jeffery shot a flare at while the other came to their aid to help them back up.

    Almost a minute passes of Dirk silently staring at the wikkat guard, barely moving a muscle until finally the guard takes a quick glance around and moves to where the wall obscures a direct line of sight from the party. The arkisu jolts upright and sprints towards the wall, trying to get across the empty, easy to detect area as quickly as he can.

    Max chuckled a bit at Jackdaw's response. "Whatever you want, so long as it isn't over 20 chips; don't think you can buy the most expensive thing on the menu with my coin." he replies with a smirk. A few minutes later, the party reaches a small fray going on at the front of a walled-off building. There's two humans and a violet wikkat that has a couple crystals growing out of their body in random spots. Their attire makes it obvious they are from Aliquam like the party when compared to the other wikkat who seem to be trying to guard the place from them that wear animal skins. Max crouches down a little and watches them for a bit.

    @KingSalamander @WarSarah @Dragonclaw
    It seems that the worms do detect what's on the surface by sensing movement while underground, and this is further shown when one slower animal suddenly stops in its tracks—one of the deer-elk looking critters—and a worm bursts out of the ground just slightly too far in front of the animal. The worm doesn't submerge back into the ground when it missed; instead, it thrashes around and loudly screams as it tries to move towards the cervidea-like. It seems to be blind, as it doesn't realize that it's prey has already ran off in another direction before delving back into the ground, but it did give the party a good look at its mouth. The worm had hundreds of small, sharp teeth not only located where its mouth opened and closed, but also on its insides that contort and twist with its body that would slowly grind anything inside into a red paste as it moved, a seemingly horrible and painful death if it didn't kill you immediately. All of this digging is destroying plant life rather quickly: grass, plants, dirt, and sand are being mixed and scattered across the field as these worms rip apart the Sheol's surface. This might be the least of the party's worries however as one of the worms has just half emerged from the ground right next to Jerrall.
    Jerrall—Coward trait activated: negative 1 to primary stats; +15 on flee checks
    The worm doesn't seem to have noticed Jerrall or anyone else, but it seems to be aware that the party is somewhere near, moving around on the surface in the hopes to bump into someone. If the party moves quietly enough, they can probably move out of the way of the worm without being detected.

    The guard seems to still not be paying any attention to the cell he's supposedly guarding.
    < Bill Stone > < success >
    The wall was a little difficult to scale with it being wet, but there were enough footholds to grab to reach the ceiling. Now just to pop out a part of the ceiling...
    < Bill Stone > < success >
    Bill nearly lost balance when trying to break the ceiling, but after resituating himself, he's able to push on the ceiling. The brick he pushes on slowly started to give way before breaking and slides up into the ceiling, then slides back down when Bill would retract his arm back.
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    ((if still waiting)) "Ready when you are, just please hurry up, all this waiting is causing me physical pain."

    ((If attacking)) Nova grips her sword in a two-handed grip and charges the guards with surprising speed. All the while yelling in joy for all the world to hear.

    Kora wordlessly follows him, doing her best to overtake or draw level with him.
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    Jackdaw also keeps low, grabbing the head of his cane, and giving the locking collar a quarter turn.
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    Tennin and Rith also follow, Tennin taking his teammates quick advance as a challenge attempts to beat them to the target, while maintaining their stealth.
    Rith just tries her hardest to remain by Tennin's side.
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    Fear takes over Jerrall completely for a few precious seconds as the worm emerged. He was frozen, on the brink of both fainting and running. For a moment he can't think, can't move, and can't speak. Then, as slow as a sleepy snail, Jerrall resumes movement away from the worm and party. His wand held tightly and trembling.
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    Carn leaps forward after the rest of his team. Unlike everyone else, he doesn't care wether he's in front or not. That being said, his increased height gives him a far larger stride, eating up the distance effortlessly.
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    Jack tries to be as silent as possible, apart from his whispering.
    "Alright. Let's go. I've got a sword if it comes down to that."
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    Valtross nods, before taking slow and gentle steps after Jack and Jerall. It'd be terrible if he were to be the one to set off the worm's detection now.
  9. Arra

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    Fraega smiles slightly, advancing for one of the guards

    " So this should be easy! Well...Hopefully I wont have to act...normal...."
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    Ian looks between Max and the group.
    "Uhh...aren't we going to help them?"

    Bill slowly pulls the brick back down, careful not to drop it as he hides it behind him and looks at the guard again, checking to make sure using that brick will knock the guard back into reach..
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  11. Roland Weiss

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    Jackdaw makes a subtle gesture. "Shh; quiet, and keep low. We need the right moment."
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    He nods and moves closer and lowers himself down to a kneel.
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    As Lauren walks along with the group, her paws in her pockets nonchalantly, she pays hardly any attention to the others in her group- finding it both uninteresting as well as disliking people in general. Things finally become interesting when their group reaches the skirmish. Lauren follows suit of the others and crouches low as well, although she's quite eager to do something- anything. She slips her magic dagger from out of it's sheath and runs her thumb along the flat of the blade, nearby the edge. The kitsune is ready to engage in battle. "Ugh, finally. Something interesting's happening." She says, "Can I just go now and fight? Actually that's hardly even the question. What would happen if I did so now, and would you stop me is the real question." Despite the other's attempts to remain as quiet as possible, Lauren doesn't seem to care all that much. She's whispering, sure, but it's not as quiet as the others or as quiet as she could be.
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    Nova and Fraega approaches two of the closest guards. The first one is a male, pale blue wikkat with a plus brand on his face and slightly singed clothing from flare shrapnel is armed with a wooden club that has a circular metal bracket on the end; the other who helped him up, a pinkish-orange male wikkat with a four pointed star brand, has a small wooden shield on his left arm and dagger in the other.

    Kora Syndakk—Lone Wolf trait activated: negative 5 on all skill check rolls
    Rith—Bye Bye trait activated: plus 10 on run checks
    < Kora Syndakk > < success > < 32(DEX) + 45 → 75(Difficult) >
    < Tennin > < failed > < 35(DEX) + 15 ← 75(Difficult) >
    < Tennin > < success > < 35(DEX) + 33 → 50(Average) >

    < Rith > < failed > < -23(DEX) + 36 ← 50(Average) >
    < Carn Anax > < success > < 20(DEX) + 82 → 75(Difficult) >

    Kora and Carn are able to reach the wall before Dirk did, Carn taking the spot closest to the entrance and Kora behind him. Dirk moves in behind Kora and Tennin is the last to reach the wall, not quite beating the others. Rith however is not able to reach the wall before the guard moves back to their position, let alone keep up with Rith.

    < Rith > < failed > < -23(DEX) + 51 ← 100(Challenging) >

    Unfortunately for her, there's almost nothing to hide behind when the guard returns, so she's almost immediately spotted. "Hey! Don't you dare move a muscle!" The wikkat guard exclaimed. "Ark dammit..." Dirk muttered with a soft growl. Fortunately, the guard doesn't notice the four people hiding up against the wall when they walk towards Rith. However, since Carn is the closest, it's most likely best if Carn were to try and take down the target.

    @Roland Weiss @TechnoCupcake @HunterC1998 (Ian)
    Max looks to Lauren and places a paw on hers to keep her from moving. He wasn't forceful with trying to stop her, his hand on hers being more of an advising to not run out into the fight, so Lauren could easily take her hand away and ignore him. "One moment, Lauren. These aren't the right guys. This has to be the distracting team Barren. That means the others have to be on the other side, probably already inside. We need to move." He avoids answering the other questions she asked to try and keep her from breaking off from the party. The arkisu starts to move to the correct side of the fort, motioning the others to follow again.

    < Jack > < failed > < -18(DEX) + 17 ← 25(Easy) >
    < Jerrall > < success > < -3(DEX) + 30 → 25(Easy) >

    < Valtoss Eiden > < success > < -10(DEX) + 42 → 25(Easy) >
    In the party's attempt to move away from the predator, Jack stepped backwards onto a firm plant that crunched loudly under his weight. The worm seems to hear this and turn directly towards Jack and dives under the realms surface once more. It's completely silent for a few seconds, almost making it seem that the worm might've ran off up until there's a faint rumbling that Jack, and only Jack, can feel from under him—the worm is about to attack...

    Bill Stone—Listener trait activated: plus 10 on listening checks
    < Bill Stone > < success > < 7(WIS) + 42 → 25(Easy) >

    It's no wonder why it seemed that the guard was rather laid back; it's because he's sleeping by the sounds of a rather faint snoring. It looks like if it hits the chair just right, or perhaps if you can startle the guard enough out of their slumber, gravity will do the rest of the work and the guard will fall down close enough to be grabbed from the cell.
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    "Learn some discipline. If you jump the gun, you're not getting any support." Jackdaw sighs. "Green as fresh wood, it seems."

    And Jackdaw is right behind. He carefully scans the area, keeping an eye out.
  16. Firebird Zoom

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    Nova engages the nearer guard by slashing her blade diagonally upwards, aiming for his torso, before releasing her left hand from the hilt and using the momentum from the swing to spin 360° clockwise in order bring the blade back to bear for a decapitation stroke. ((WORDS!))

    Kora smiles evilly, she's not going to help Rith unless she's ordered to.
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  17. Arra

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    Fraega smiles at the one with the club...she tries to make a grazing stab at them.

    " Pfehehe..."

    She will never admit it, but she has a horrid bloodlust....But, that isn't becoming of a queen, nor a mother....So she buries it deep within herself. Some urges must never be sated, but oh well.
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  18. TechnoCupcake

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    Lauren sighs and lowers her dagger, "I guess." She says to Max, "Suppose it'll be better to get to where the real action's happening instead'a just a distraction." Although she was generally indifferent about the mission, she had a slight soft spot for Max since he helped her when she jumped realms. Just barely a soft spot, however. Other than that she seemed very unreliable in the mission at hand.
    She sheathes her blade before glancing over to Jackdaw, raising an eyebrow at him, "Tch, don't tell me what to learn when I don't need it. You act as if I want or need your support." She says with an arrogant shrug before beginning to follow Max again to the correct side.
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  19. Roland Weiss

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    Jackdaw lets out an amused chuckle. Oh, you'll learn sooner or later; the question is, will you survive the experience? And remember, we're supposed to be a team; you may think you're all powerful, I guess every child does, but that arrogance will be the end of you."
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  20. Dragonclaw

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    Jack tries to run in random directions to confuse the worm. It could probably detect vibrations, so that should help. A bit. Jack also gets his sword out, preparing for an attack.
    "If I die, you guys do something cool for me!"
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