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    //EVERYONE (I'll be using this tag for various reasons, so try to keep an eye out for it whenever it shows.
    You are currently in the realm Sheol. From what the Aliquot guild has gathered on this place, the realm is a mixture of both deserts and grasslands. There are strange plants and animals that can be found in Sheol, which researchers would love to gather samples of to get a better understanding of this world, but to the guild's dismay, Sheol is also under the control of enemy forces. They call themselves The Sealers and ever since Aliquam first ran into them, they have been harassed and attacked by them. While Aliquam wishes to explore and gain knowledge of the worlds around them, The Sealers aspire to ensure that no civilization expands into other realms, despite the fact that they span across many realms it seems. They posses much more advanced technology than Aliquam, but with trying to cover too many fronts at once, The Sealers can't defend their claimed realms very well due to needing to spread out their forces.​

    @Arra @zombiexander @Firebird Zoom (Nova)
    You are apart of "Team Barren." You've been tasked to assist in the rescue of a research team that was dispatched to this location. Your squadron commander goes by the name "Amalga." He's human who's real name is Jeffery Thompson, has light brown straight hair and is fair skinned. Amalga is armed with a shotgun and has a rather advanced looking rifle on his back, but it seems to be very worn and old. Either way, it's something that would probably be more appropriately found on a Sealer soldier. He also wears light armor that has a strange insignia on the chest piece. You are moving in as a distraction team while Team Odith is to extract the captors. The land around you is mostly grasslands now, but the floor is still coarse from all of the desert sand. "Why don't you guys tell me a little bit of something about yourselves?" Amalga asks, seeing that they aren't doing much other than walking at the moment.​

    @Firebird Zoom (Kora) @BlueShard @themushroomlord (Tennin & Rith)
    "Team Odith" is what team you are on. You're the team that has been ordered to rescue a team of researchers that were sent here to better understand the realm. There are six to find, three of which are believed to be captured by the Sealers. Your team leader is Dirk, an arkisu covert op who is capable of shape shifting into other people. Dirk is tall, probably close to six and a half feet tall and is well built. He has black and dark grey fur with dark red markings on his face and hands. He holds no weapons that can be visibly seen on him. The arkisu hasn't spoken to anyone since he was assigned to this team, the only reason you know his name and anyone else's is from the mission debriefing role call. It's been an awkwardly silent walk this entire time as nobody has said anything to each other yet. Not even how they plan to find the captors. Perhaps trying to start a conversation to see what everyone is going to do is in all of your guys' best interest.​

    @Roland Weiss @TechnoCupcake @HunterC1998 (Ian)
    You aren't actually supposed to be here, but there technically aren't any rules that say that you can't be. Your "leader" is Max, a yellow, white, and orange furred arkisu who believes there's one person apart of Team Odith that is here to kill one of the people who they are supposed to be rescuing.​
    @Roland Weiss
    Max, full name Maxwell Eevs, is one of the people that has helped with exposing a few criminals you've gotten arrested in the past, and he usually doesn't ask for much in return. He's been trying to make a name for himself in the guild, which is exactly why he has asked for you to assist him; if the two of you can get enough evidence to catch which ever guild member is trying to kill the other, that'd be pretty big. The only problem is that Max is usually more organized than this and omitted a few details to get you out here, such as that he has no idea who the killer is and the target they're supposed to be protecting, that of which you just found out. Although this mission is already a bit of a mess, Max hasn't been wrong once with his claims, so perhaps he's on to something.​
    The arkisu is simply a "friend" of yours that let you have a place to stay when you first arrived in Aliquam, and helped getting you into the guild. Now he wants you to help him with this mission they weren't legitimately tasked to do. You aren't sure who the other humans are. Probably just some of Max's friends.​
    @HunterC1998 (Ian)
    You weren't really here to help Max with his mission, but after you found out that your father was on the team that called for help and couldn't get on the team that was tasked to save them, your second best option was joining Max who promised that if they do find Bill, they will do what they can to help.​

    @WarSarah @Dragonclaw @KingSalamander
    You three were here with three others to research this realm, but were ambushed by The Sealers. You've recently regrouped, but neither of you can find or contact the other three at the moment—Alehna Lee, Bill Stone and Gharshyl Hsok—and are still being searched for by your attackers. For now, you've lost them, but that may not last for long. One of you sent an S.O.S awhile ago, but you haven't gotten any response yet outside of a message that said they received your call and someone was being sent to your location very soon. You're in the middle of nowhere by the looks of it, just a bunch of sand and not a whole lot of vegetation anymore, and since your team leader Alehna was captured, you can't be given any orders on what you all should do.​

    @HunterC1998 (Bill) @Jareix Cryvix
    Unfortunately, you all have been captured and your weapons and items have been taken from you. Your team leader, Alehna, is with you, but is currently out cold and very injured. She did what she could to distract the attackers so everyone could run, but was couldn't fight long enough to stop you from being captured. Alehna is a vakair with the similarities to an orca, one of the most common sub-races to vakair, and are largely natives of Aliquam. She is about average height and is clearly very tough with how well she did trying to distract a majority of the attackers for as long as she did. You all recently have just been tossed inside a cell. Alehna was stirring a bit, but not seeming to regain consciousness yet. There's only one person guarding their cell, and all of your guys' belongings can be seen across the room. The guard is a green gaseous wikkat with no brand located on their face, so it's sometimes easy to lose which direction they're facing. They posses a spear that they've laid on a table, but the table and its contents are out of reach from within the confines of your cell. The cell you've been tossed in is pretty old looking, moss being found covering the floors and walls and water seems to continously drip from the ceiling, despite the fact that this realm has been extremely dry ever since you've been here.​
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    Tennin looks around himself, observing the life around him and softly muttering to himself, "This place seems boring... doubt I'll find anything useful here, then again these sealer people are fun to try and break, they do tend to break back though..."

    Rith cautiously observes the rest of the group, wary of anyone too near to Tennin.
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    Heaving a sigh, Valtoss squinted out into the desolate landscape. How soon was "soon?" An hour? Half a day? Removing his hat, the young scientist moved into a crouch, before full on sitting down. Tilting his head up, he directed his attention to his fellow companions-in hopes they had some solution to their numerous problems.
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    Jackdaw simply struck a match to light up his pipe. The lack of details was troubling; and just because someone has a good track record, doesn't mean there won't be a sudden spout of incompetence. He'd seen for too many who got in over their heads, and made mistakes they didn't walk away from. Taking the puff from his pipe, he shakes the match to extinguish it, then tosses it aside. "So, where to from here Max? Besides a wild goose chase."
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    "I have crystals that grow out of my body," Nova says, pointing towards a large one on her left shoulder.

    "Shut up. Nobody wants to hear about your fetish," Kora says.
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    Wand in hand, Jerrall is pacing back and forth in the sand. He could feel his gears tense at every speck of dust caught by his constant scanning. The wand twirled in his fingers for a moment then was swiftly pocketed. Rubbing his feature-less face as if sweating the well-dressed bot turns to his fellows. "Sarcastic. Welp, it seems as though we're screwed tighter than my bolts at the moment. Any suggestions? Like running, dig a hole to hide in, or running. I like the running option any takers?"
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    Lauren walks lazily with her paws in her pockets, clearly indifferent about the mission. She didn't want to be bothered working with a group of people she didn't know, nor did she want to go on a mission that wasn't even assigned to them! It was a waste of time, especially since they weren't supposed to be there. The only reason she bothered coming was because she didn't want to upset Max when he had helped her significantly when she got to Aliquam. "Why are we even here?" She complains, "It's not like we were assigned to be here. Do we even have any details or evidence to go off of, or is this just a silly hunch?" She says before yawning and stretching, "Waste of time if you ask me."
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    Ian seems timid of everything, cautious of where he steps, where he looks, where he even breathes..but looks to Lauren with some amount of worry.
    "My Dad's out there.....there's no waste of time helping my dad...o-or the others..."

    Bill gently leans down and rests a hand on Alehna, easing her stirrings in case she hurts herself and looks to make sure she isn't hurt to severely, and keeps looking between the Wikkat and the cage...he'd surely screw up and get too close.....and this cage, being so old must definitely be easy to take down..
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    As Carn strides along he stares absently at the back of his team leader's head. "Team leader," he mutters, "his leading so far has been truly fantastic..." He twitches ever so slightly as the silence of the march is broken by a grey furred creature ahead of him. Looking up, Carn's eye is drawn to the Wakair giving a rather aggressive eyeballing to a few people in the group. "She'll be trouble," he thinks to himself, "a few screws missing there, I should kill her before too long..." A stirring in the back of his mind showed that his "significant other" disagreed. He ponders for a moment, "hmm, I guess your right...I already have my target, another will be too much hassle." Carn suppresses a sinister chuckle and trudges onward.
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    Tennin barely reacts the comment, and continues to mutter to himself, something about turning sealers into fireworks.

    Rith however looks over to Kora, shaking with a rage that could be considered a little over the top, "Shut up!"
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    Kora gives the woman a cutesy look before mockingly saying, "Oh, I'm hopelessly devoted to my friend who'll probably kill me once I'm no longer useful to him.~"
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    "Shut up! Why should any of that matter?", Rith screams, one of her eyes twitching slightly.

    Tennin has stoped muttering to himself instead choosing to watch Rith and Kira argue, with a mad grin on his face.
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    Kora laughs, "Your friend has such a fixation on breaking things, I can't believe you didn't notice that the first thing he broke was you."
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    "What does it matter what he breaks?, Rith by this point is practically screaming at Kora.
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    She smiles a Cheshire grin, "Such a shame, such a shame. You had a brilliant mind once. Now? I hesitate to even call it a brain." All the while maintaining a calm tone of voice.
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    Carn covers the distance between him and the others in no time. His shadow casts over Kora as he places an ominous hand on her shoulder. "Enough," he booms, "the sound of your voice grates on my ears."
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    Kora looks at him disinterestedly, sticks her tounge out at him and says, in the same cutsey tone she addressed Rith in, "My mother told me my voice was melodious.~" her tone changes to something much more threatening, "And if you try to malign her..." Her hand drops to her blade.
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    He scowls, "Try it, then we'll see if you can sing."
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    "You're not worth my time."
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    He glares at you, "likewise, I don't want your blood on my cloak."
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