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  1. HunterC1998

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    And I apologise for the bouble post but, @Jareix Cryvix ! You interested in this?
  2. Jareix Cryvix

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    Sure, why not? I'll make an app tomorrow
  3. Jirky-Kake

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    Alright. We have a lot of people. Just incase, I'm making the maximum twelve, so after the twelfth application I'm closing apps. We are currently at 9 in the thread, excluding myself and Techno, and 5 applications accepted, one of which is approved.

    We will most likely start after I finish up the spots I still need to work on in the OP and I fully approve all the applications which might take up to a week or 1-2 months if I get swamped with college and work these upcoming days (hopefully not, though).
  4. Dragonclaw

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    Name: "Uh... just call me... Jack."

    Sex: Male

    Age: 27

    Race: Leilik

    Appearance: Jack wears pretty much what Indiana Jones wears except for the hat. He also has a man purse satchel that he keeps his tools in. He has turquoise scales and a sheath for his sword on his back.

    Repairman: Easily repairs most things very quickly.
    Creator: He is a rather creative fellow who is also great at building stuff.

    Casual: He's usually very casual except in formal situations.
    No boxing: Isn't very good in hand to hand combat.
    A bit weak... more like a lot: Is a bit fragile.

    Starting Melee Weapon: Intelligence, and a short sword.
    The stuff on the bottom is supposed to be like leather wrapped around the hilt. IMG_2208.JPG

    Backstory: Jack keeps to himself mostly about his past. All that he's really told anyone is that he's dreamed of being an engineer since he was a child. He also went to an engineering school, but that's all he's said to anyone.

    Specialization: Engineer

    Attributes:(Maximum of 80 points total! 10 is average and 1 is minimum.)
    Strength: 5
    Dexterity: 5
    Intelligence: 14
    Charisma: 8
    Endurance: 10
    Accuracy: 8
    Reflex: 10
    Wisdom: 14
    Constitution: 3
    Vitality: 3
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  5. Jirky-Kake

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    Accepted. As for the leilik, think argonians from The Elder Scrolls, or since a creator of a wonderful mod involving reptilian folk is here now, you can also think of the sallok as they are also reptile folk! ;3

    Edit: Quick question, what does the casual trait do that is good exactly? That seems more like a neutral trait, which is fine to have if you want to keep it in there.
  6. KingSalamander

    KingSalamander Orbital Explorer

    Im finished!

    Name: Jerrall

    Sex: male

    Age: 28

    Race: Gulark

    At 4ft tall you are quick to notice what a tiny little thing he is. His body is a simple smooth design with hardly a wire or gear visible from underneath his brass colored hull. His egg shaped head looks as if it has been polished recently by how it shined in the light. In fact, that seemed to be the only feature his head had. No antenna, no shining eyes, just a perfectly rounded empty face. Adorning this well made bot is but a simple red dress shirt, back vest, black dress pants, black shoes, and a red bow tie. Completing the whole ensemble is a black top hat with a red trim placed perfectly on the top of his head. As you begin to look away you catch a glance at the silver wand in his pocket.

    Medical knowledge- oh it's a simple fix, just need to cauterize it, here bite down on this

    Creative- What if we...

    Caring- are you alright there friend? I got a bit of valium if you need it

    Secretly Rich- uhh w-what do you mean? Doesn't everybody have a couple hundred in their back pocket

    Childlike- Hey it ain't my fault, your the one who said kids get in for free

    Out spoken- No, I said you need to relax, AND your quite fat

    Attachment-Wait don't go yet, please

    Stubborn- I don't care what you say I'm not doing it

    Coward- I am not going any where near THAT

    Fragile Frame- Hey hey watch the hull buddy

    Starting Melee weapon: Flame wand(INTELLIGENCE)- can shoot out small gouts of flame

    A poor Gulark only has so much available material to use to create a child. But that didn't mean it was impossible. Jerrall's parents built him with intense care and love infused with every screw, and in the end their tender craftsmanship shone through. Sure he was on the short side and a bit delicate, but he was alive and that is all that mattered. And who would of guessed that inside of this poor young bot was the mind of a genius.

    Starting at a young age Jerrall became increasingly facinated with organic biology. He loved to read about how non-mechanical bodies worked, and eventually found out about the joys of working with them.This interest turned into an obsession, and blossomed into a profession. He went on to graduate medical school and performed his first successful major surgery at the age of 20. After working in many hospitals all across Aliquam Jerrall finally decided to join the guild, hoping it would provide him a chance to see, study, slice open, and sew together new and interesting creatures. Also to provide medical support as needed of course.

    Specialization: Medical

    Strength: 1
    Dexterity: 10
    Intelligence: 20
    Charisma: 2
    Endurance: 1
    Accuracy: 12
    Reflex: 8
    Wisdom: 18
    Vitality: 5
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  7. KingSalamander

    KingSalamander Orbital Explorer

    * Constitution is three
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  8. HunterC1998

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    That's an awesome application!
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  9. HunterC1998

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    Ready for more?

    Name: Ian Stone

    Sex: Male

    Age: 19

    Race: Human

    Appearance: A short, lean, not so outgoing kid who is obviously green as the grass, a little muscle at his arms and shoulders, but that's about it.. at 5’8 195 lbs, he's a definite lightweight..A leaner face and rather wild dark brown hair, he's actually very similar looking to Bill….fitting that he's his son..



    Genius: Call it easy, but he just knows it all..

    Attentive: He does well listening in on what's going on around him.

    Harmless: He's just an innocent kid...Who'd think him a threat or not listen to him?


    Fragile: No combat training and even less fit for battle.

    Guideless: No true sense of course and direction, following Bill still.

    Shy Guy: One of his only things and he blubbers over saying anything...

    Starting weapon: Intelligence: ((You can pick.))

    Backstory: He'd grew up hearing about the guild, admiring it, listening to all the stories, his father had hoped he'd grow to join it, but his mother would have none of it...Planning to take him away from it all, he went against her wishes. He left to join his father, ever tinkering and building, he was never built for Frontline guild work..But maybe he'll find his niche and his calling….

    Specialization: Engineer


    Strength: 4

    Dexterity: 4

    Intelligence: 15

    Charisma: 15

    Endurance: 6

    Accuracy: 6

    Reflex: 5

    Wisdom: 14

    Constitution: 5

    Vitality: 6

  10. Jirky-Kake

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    Accepted, though traits may need to be altered. Childlike and out spoken aren't exactly positive or negative traits per se, because I can't give any actual bonuses or debuffs. These can be kept, but will be moved to neutral traits instead.
    Accepted, but can you edit this into your original application post? It'll make it a lot easier on me. :3
  11. HunterC1998

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  12. Jareix Cryvix

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    Name: Gharshyl Hsok

    Sex: M...?

    Age: 32
    Race: Leilik
    Appearance: Soft faced and smooth but thick scales, Ghar doesn't posses very sharp features, and generally has a very flowing form and grace about him in every way he acts. The albino color of his scales, while not ideal for desert camouflage, gives him an almost pearlescent color and beauty. His typical clothes are finer versions of the coarse desert rags one would wear to avoid the scorching heat of the desert.
    But behind those sparlking eyes and gleaming smile lurks a glint of something...

    +Smooth soother of silver songs: His natural beauty and mellifluous voice make him quite the talker. His powerful voice and sharp wit can get get him out of trouble as often as he gets in. He's also a small time singer, with a wide vocal range of bass and tenor. He's also dabbled a little I ventriloquism, but can only throw his voice so far and can't really do it without moving his lips. Good distraction, not so much for puppet acts.
    +Empathetic: He knows how people and things feel. He knows how they tick. He knows their desires, and he knows how to manipulate and wrench their poor hearts to suit his needs.
    +Sleight of frame: His slender frame and skinny fingers makes distracted debaucles easy as kake, and sprinting from fights easy as well.

    •Singer: he has a powerful and beautiful voice, and ability to sing almost any form. Lounge, small opera, even death metal, throat singing, and acapella.
    -Aversion to violence/Hemophobic: He always avoids violence when he can, and never likes to participate in fights. He gets violently ill at the sight of spilled blood, and really can't handle it when not on a plate.
    -Opportunist: His natural greed will get the better of him when money is involved. When an opportunity for even a little extra gain presents itself, he will damn well take it or fail trying.
    -Notable: His troublesome nature has earned himself a reputation not only among those of musical talent, but those from whom he's robbed...
    -Clean freak: while not entirely obsessed, he's pretty uncomfortable with anything dirty or grimy. He dislikes getting his clothes tarnished, but he can handle being unclean if he needs to. It's still extremely unpleasant though, and he likes to take the time to clean things up.

    Starting Melee Weapon: Concentrated pheromones. Effective against most races for calming down adrenaline impulses and getting people to chill. Helps in a conversation as well, since smelling fine can help loosen tension.

    Backstory: a slave since birth, the toil of being a servant was quite strenuous on him. But it did have some benefits, such as good teachings and being well cared for. As he aged, would grow more suited for being a representative of the masters. However, what also grew was the love between him and the master's daughter. They became close friends, and then closer still. Then, by the young age of their early twenties, were caught laying with one another.
    Gharshyl was cast

    Specialization: social interaction.
    Further and establish relationships with other groups, as well as peruse for potential allies and assets.

    Attributes:(Maximum of 80 points total! 10 is average and 1 is minimum.)
    Strength: 3
    (A primary skill, strength increases the amount of damage dealt with a strength weapon as well as increasing your stamina, allowing you to attack for longer periods of time without stopping. As a primary skill, it also assists in checks that requires lifting heavy objects or breaking through obstacles.)
    Dexterity: 18
    (A primary skill, dexterity increases the amount of damage dealt with a dexterity weapon as well as increasing your ability to avoid attacks. As a primary skill, it also assists in checks that makes it easier to run or jump over obstacles.)
    Intelligence: 10
    (A primary skill, intelligence increases the amount of damage dealt with a magic weapon as well as increasing your accuracy with weapons. As a primary skill, it also assists in checks that makes it easier to think critically or disable traps and machinery.)
    Charisma: 32
    (A primary skill, charisma allows for better success rates when feinting attacks and intimidating opponents to weaken their resolve to fight. As a primary skill, it also assists in checks that makes it easier to gain allies or persuade others to avoid unnecessary confrontations.)
    Endurance: 2
    (A primary skill, endurance increases the total HP and also grants the character a larger carrying capacity. As a primary skill, it also assists in checks that makes it easier to persist longer where conditions challenge the character's fortitude and exert oneself for longer periods of time.)
    Accuracy: 1
    (A secondary skill, accuracy only increases the character's aim with weapons, but increases more than intelligence's increment on aim.)
    Reflex: 2
    (A secondary skill, reflex only increases the character's evasion, but increases more than dexterity's increment on evasion.)
    Wisdom: 6
    (A secondary skill, wisdom is a skill that combats against other attributes in skill checks such as spotting [versus dexterity], sensing others motives [versus charisma], along with it's own list of skill checks such as listening, survival skills, and healing oneself and others)
    Constitution: 1
    (A secondary skill, constitution only increases the character's total HP, but increases more than endurance's increment on HP.)
    Vitality: 5
    (A secondary skill, vitality only increases the character's stamina, but increases more than strength's increment on stamina.)
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  13. Firebird Zoom

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    Jareix, you need to have at least one point in every trait. I don't think you can have a stat of zero.
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  14. HunterC1998

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    Well you can..It'll just probably be a rough patch, besides, he can Lv. Up and add to them later on..
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  15. Roland Weiss

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    The application does say that 1 is the minimum for attributes.
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  16. HunterC1998

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    Oh it does?

    Edit: Yes it does, huh...
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  17. Jareix Cryvix

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  18. Dipdoo

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    That's a very respectable vocal range, but can he hit those ghastly high G whistles/screams that are more frequency than note?
  19. Firebird Zoom

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    You still have a zero in aiming.
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  20. Dragonclaw

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    I'll put up a picture ASAP. Also that trait means he can get along with people well while still being polite. It could be a neutral trait too. Should I change it?
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