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    I'm not touching you.
    ( ಠ_ಠ)
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    Guh! I really am surprised at how many people are planning to join or have already joined! I didn't expect to reach more than six by the end of the week! I'm pretty excited! and nervous!
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    Don't be, with the scale and this being your second tried, I'm definitely pumped to see what you have in store.

    Also...The attributes...Wouldn't 8 be the average since it's 80 points between 10 different attributes?
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  4. Roland Weiss

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    And later, you will be filled with regret, kappa.

    You know, after some thought, I'm willing to say that Jackdaw might've had some criminal connections while he was still a constable. After all, in the Victorian era police were not the friendliest bunch, he might've been a bit of a crooked cop. Or he could've spent time as an undercover agent infiltrating some criminal organization. He enemies might've been people he 'betrayed' when he grew a conscience or finished his infiltration.
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  5. Jirky-Kake

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    Technically yes, but the first four levels will be gained fairly quickly. Everyone will probably be around level three or four before the introduction is over. After five, it will be a much slower progress. I'm doing this so everyone can get a feel for what they think their character needs. Maybe you felt you didn't do enough damage, or you were hit too much so you need more HP or evasion, or you failed more skill checks than you'd appreciate. Whatever it is, ideally you'll be able to accommodate for it before the introduction is over and the difficulty is amped up a little.
    Nooo! :rip:
    Haha! So I actually read between the lines to have known he was a crook the entire time and totally didn't goof up or anything of the sort! Knew it. :catdealwithit:
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    Oh I get it, it's like the first levels to any game, they go quickly to give you a feel and a chance to adjust!
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    Hmm, I guessed that level would be a thing; not sure if that was mentioned in the OP, I did skim a fair amount. But I did assume such due to the focus on loot.
    Nah, you did goof up, I just changed my mind as an afterthought. And besides, he might be a former crook; he has a conscience now.
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  8. Jirky-Kake

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    Shhhhh. You're not supposed to point that out! Well, if it weren't clear before, I like the idea!
  9. HunterC1998

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    Ready? No? Too bad!

    Name: Bill Stone

    Sex: Male

    Age: 34

    Race: Human

    Appearance: A man who appears in every way extremely brutish, at 6’5 and 246 lbs, he's lean enough to permit an appearance of a man of speed and strength, very broad shouldered and thickly built throughout. From looks, you'd think he'd be a bouncer, he's a man built to be lethal in close range and make that distance quickly. His outfit is a tad less formal than common, a black vest over a tan long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up to just under the elbow and black pants, a thin, simple black leather belt and heavy duty boots. A broad faced man with steel gray eyes, very neat, straight brown hair, and a quick, studying look.



    Brawler: Slugging, swinging, haymaking machine that knows every trick in a rough and tumble battle, even expanding into very close melee weaponry.

    Brick Wall: His physique is built to give and take, and that's exactly what he does.

    Listener: He doesn't speak much, that's because he's listening for any and everything he can hear.

    Slow Temper: He's heard plenty of those who like to talk, and can hide them….

    Wise: For his age, he actually is very mature and sensible, glad to share tips and win people's trust...If they get past his appearance..


    Close Quarters Man: Unskilled in any long range combat.

    Hostile Looks: Nobody would expect this man to have the attitude he does, easily putting people on defense fast.

    Grudge: You wouldn't expect such a big man to hold his attitude from that long if you actually piss him off..

    Temper:....But everyone has a breaking point, his is a walk to a drastically changed and angry bulldozer.

    Intimidator: He easily makes people fear him, usually when he doesn't even want to, often not good in sensitive situations..


    Starting weapon: Strength : Brass knuckles.

    Backstory: Born the elder brother of three, he was easily enrolled with keeping reins on madmen, he matured in the mind much before the body, and nobody told his body the race was over, he became a painstakingly large man and slowly learned to fit his shoes, using his size and power to help keep order. Then he joined the guild and simply made it official, and his life just kept looking up, married, a kid and one on the way, what more could one ask for, then this job came up and we continue from there!


    Strength: 14

    Dexterity: 7

    Intelligence: 4

    Charisma: 4

    Endurance: 9

    Accuracy: 11

    Reflex: 6

    Wisdom: 7

    Constitution: 10


    Specialty: Rook: A Rook’s job is very different then that of a Sentinel, Sentinel’s look to the outside for their threat, Rook’s look to the inside. Stationed throughout and tasked to maintain order and peace, you won't recognize a Rook until they take action, trained to blend in with the crowds and pacify threats to public safety, they act as urban police. A Rook isn't trained with ranged weaponry, only in melee and close quarters, they nullify dangers before any damage is done.


    Name: Ian Stone

    Sex: Male

    Age: 19

    Race: Human

    Appearance: A short, lean, not so outgoing kid who is obviously green as the grass, a little muscle at his arms and shoulders, but that's about it.. at 5’8 195 lbs, he's a definite lightweight..A leaner face and rather wild dark brown hair, he's actually very similar looking to Bill….fitting that he's his son..



    Genius: Call it easy, but he just knows it all..

    Attentive: He does well listening in on what's going on around him.

    Harmless: He's just an innocent kid...Who'd think him a threat or not listen to him?


    Fragile: No combat training and even less fit for battle.

    Guideless: No true sense of course and direction, following Bill still.

    Shy Guy: One of his only things and he blubbers over saying anything...

    Starting weapon: Intelligence: ((You can pick.))

    Backstory: He'd grew up hearing about the guild, admiring it, listening to all the stories, his father had hoped he'd grow to join it, but his mother would have none of it...Planning to take him away from it all, he went against her wishes. He left to join his father, ever tinkering and building, he was never built for Frontline guild work..But maybe he'll find his niche and his calling….

    Specialization: Engineer


    Strength: 4

    Dexterity: 4

    Intelligence: 15

    Charisma: 15

    Endurance: 6

    Accuracy: 6

    Reflex: 5

    Wisdom: 14

    Constitution: 5

    Vitality: 6

    Also Jareix, I swear, I'm not trying to copycat but it just worked..

    Edit:...I just realized I said Jareix..I meant Roland Weiss..
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  10. Roland Weiss

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    *Holds up a sign that says 'You done goofed'* Well, it's good to know there's just that little extra flavour. Also, I might need to bobby trap the welcome mat.
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  11. themushroomlord

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    What's that about balanced stats, you wont find any of that over here...

    Sex: Male
    Age: 22
    Race: Vikini
    Appearance:A Vikini with no largely distinguishing features grey fur, average height. The main trait that defines him from his peers is the mad look burned within his eyes.

    +Can't catch me: While he may have no ability with fighting when running his speed and stamina remain unmatched.
    +Saw it coming: Tennin’s ability to dodge and counter attacks insane.
    +Can’t see me: Tennin is amazing at blending in and disappearing at any moment.
    +Bye bye: He’s good at running away.

    Backstory: Tennin used to live a quiet life, never really standing out for much. Sure, even as a kid he was known for his, but it wasn’t like there was anything overly special about him. At least there wasn’t anything special about his life until he met Rith. The two of them soon fell madly in love and managed to get jobs together, Tennin as a realm hopper and Rith as a researcher and his partner on the field, together they explored and studied the multiverse and everything was perfect…

    … unfortunately, fate had other ideas and sent the two of them to the far reaches of reality to show them things that were quite simply not meant to be seen. Both of them where plunged into insanity, Tennin developing an obsession with destruction which eventually devolved into a deluded vision of himself destroying all of reality, fuelled by the madden belief that he would be able to find and harness the power of a realm and use it as a weapon.

    Specialisation: Realm Hopper

    Weapon: Katar.
    Strength: 1

    Sex: Female
    Age: 24
    Race: Wakair
    Appearance:A rather shy looking Wakair of slightly below average height with light blue scales, three fins located on the sides and top of her head and three red eyes.

    +Misleading: Her shy appearance can trick one into believing that she is harmless, while that is generally true, she will be incredibly aggressive towards those that threaten or go against her Tennin’s will.
    Her mind is so sharp that she is often able to predict an individuals cource of action, somtimes even before they know it themselves.
    -Maddened devotion:
    Her devotion to Tennin is rather over the top.

    Backstory: Rith has travelled with Tennin for a long time, it was because of their relationship that she got a job as a researcher and he a realm hopper. For a long time, aside from their abnormally close relationship and their slightly obscure professions, they were fairly normal individuals, at least until the event.

    It was Rith’s fault really, she’d detected an anomaly in the multiverse and insisted they go check it out, she didn’t even consider the chances of there expedition going so horribly wrong, but it did… upon entering they were confronted with things beyond imagination, things not meant to be perceived by the eyes of living creatures, it drove both of them mad, though she having the sense to look away ended up far better off than her partner.

    In the months that followed the event she watched her partner’s sanity deteriorate, but rather than push herself away, she only grew more devoted to him, so much so that even with her sharp mind she failed to notice her own sanity spiral away until it was too late, and by then what did it matter, Tennin’s dream was beautiful, how could it not be?

    Specialisation: Researcher

    Weapon: (I don’t know you choose)
    Intelligence: 36
    Wisdom: 36
  12. Firebird Zoom

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    So, to clarify, you can upgrade your character's stats, correct?
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  13. KingSalamander

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    Just found this glorious creation of yours and i am writing out an app as I speak....type...spype.
  14. KingSalamander

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    Quick question
    What would an intelligence based starting weapon be? I'm having trouble coming up with one.
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  15. Firebird Zoom

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    As the stats/loot/weapons systems seem pretty similar to those seen in the Souls series, I'd say some kind of magical staff.
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  16. Jirky-Kake

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    Accepted. For those curious of what the negative trait [REDACTED] is, it's being kept secret between me and Hunter, and maybe Techno if he wants to know.
    Accepted, though if I may suggest, maybe a few points in either endurance or constitution? If either of them are hit a single time in a fight, they may be knocked unconscious or worse if it does enough damage.
    You can of course take the risk if you want! I'm pretty interested in these very specialized characters. :3
    You can when they level up. Then you apply the points, which will be 5 at every level, to which ever attribute you like. :avail:D:
    Glad to have you aboard! Pretty much what Zoom stated, or you can have weapons made entirely of magic of any shape or form. Want a magic two-handed buster sword from FF? Go ahead! Just be aware that the stats of all weapons are randomized, so it may not do as much as damage as Cloud's sword. ;)

    That's a good catch, too. I have gotten a lot of ideas, such as the character attributes, from the Souls series actually.
  17. HunterC1998

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    I wanna think we're getting an old English Borderlands vibe..
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  18. Jirky-Kake

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    Ooo. I like that. Maybe not so much a wasteland filled with bandits, but the quality and ranking of loot does remind me of Borderlands. :3
  19. Firebird Zoom

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    I just thought of a pretty interesting dynamic. Kora is keeping her alter ego of Cheshire a secret because Cheshire is a wanted criminal. Please excuse me while I edit my app to give Kora a second outfit.
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  20. HunterC1998

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    Everybody! I am gonna double down!

    Just thought people would wanna know..
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