OOC Aliquam: Lilitheaa [APPS CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jirky-Kake, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. Jirky-Kake

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    Yea, unfortunately, I don't have nearly as much as time to work on here as I did when creating this. Especially now since I'm looking for a new job, and seeing that making a single response takes me a couple hours at the least, it's pretty draining when I already don't have much time for myself.

    Sorry for letting everyone down again. It's just when I suddenly have a lot of free time to where I think I can make a role play for other people, I immediately want to try to create this big thing with so much stuff that people can do and play around with, but a couple weeks pass and now suddenly I hardly have time to work on this big project and it blows up in my face.

    I'd completely understand anybody who is upset with me for wasting everyone's time, seeing I'm pretty upset with myself for letting another big idea sink before it got an inch away from the dock. I'm really the only one to blame for this; I goofed and I'm stupid for thinking I could make this work.
  2. BlueShard

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    Don't be so hard on yourself, mate. Not every thing is as easy as kake.
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    Hey, as someone who is also having trouble keeping things moving...you aren't stupid, first of all you made this huge ridiculously detailed thing that has been fantastic, no matter how short lived...you aren't a failure by any means, hell this proves you're capable of these complex in depth RP's! That means you're smarter than me for sure...you can't blame yourself for time constraints, that's a natural thing....all you gotta do is make one more forgiving time wise, and I don't have any hard feelings against you.
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  4. BlueShard

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    Looking back on this I really feel that Carn's proper personality would have worked better here. But at the time I just couldn't find a cannon justification for his joining the Guild.

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