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    Does that include the app I'm working on Jirky-Kake? I know it's been forever, but I've been dealing with college admissions and ap stuff.
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    Since I gave you a reserved spot, I'll allow it, but if we're ready to start and your app isn't in then, we're starting without you. You've got quite a bit of time though, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
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    Disregard that i'm late, Jirky knew I was going to post this for the opening act.

    Name: Lauren Kolth

    Sex: Female

    Age: 40 (Kitsune years)

    Race: Kitsune

    Appearance: Lauren possesses cream colored fur and various light orange markings on her body, including the tips of her tails, on the sides of her legs, and on her face. The markings on her face are two stripes coming down from her eyes in a slightly curved upside-down triangle shape. The first triangle marking, closest to her nose, is shorter than the other. Each of her tails possess an oval marking on the top of the same color. She has highlights on the front tips of her medium length cream coloured hair.

    The clothing style she typically wears is a denim jacket over a black/(color) plaid shirt, with ripped jeans. The clothes she wears usually is a red/black plaid shirt with her denim jacket and ripped jeans. Something she always wears is her two necklaces. The two necklaces are paired together, one being half of a heart which spells "Be- Fri-" whilst the other half of the pair heart necklace is charred, hardly recognizable unless paired with the other half of the necklace. Her eyes are a dark rose-red shade.

    Traits(If anybody else but Jirky is reading these traits, i’d recommend reading Lauren’s backstory for context first)

    Distrust: Due to her past, she has trouble interacting with others. It’s difficult for her to form meaningful relationships in fear that she’ll be left with nothing again. This gives her the tendency of generally disliking others and not being able to put trust in them.

    Loneliness: After the death of her close and only friend, she’s been left with an emotional hindrance and an aching loneliness.

    Misconduct: After Zerri’s death, Lauren’s tendency in playing the role as the “bad guy” with her late friend has left her with a natural inclination towards wrongdoing and misconduct, hardly caring for the consequences of actions as simple as pickpocketing, or the consequences of more severe crimes such as stealing or even assault.

    Delicate: Lauren is built more around speed than strength, so she normally uses her agility to dodge attacks entirely. However, if she was to take a blow, especially a hard one, it would hurt, possibly leaving her dazed for a moment as she recovers. If the attack is strong enough it may leave her incapacitated for a duration after the blow depending on its strength.

    Affinity: Being a kitsune, she has a natural affinity to magic. Lauren is able to use fire magic in a variety of ways.

    Agile: As a species closely related to foxes, she’s naturally more slick and swift opposed to strong and built, focusing on dodging attacks rather than blocking or tanking them.

    Pick-pocketing: Given her general misconduct, she’s acquired skill in pickpocketing, and has a higher chance of success with it.

    Starting Melee Weapon: Magic dagger


    Lauren grew up in a fairly small village among other Kitsune. Her parents passed away while she was still young, leaving her alone to be taken care of by a foster family. She didn’t get along with her foster family, often causing trouble and rebelling since she knew they weren’t her real parents. Living in a small village, many of the adult residents knew about her and her troublesome tendencies, and didn’t want their children involved with her. On top of this, Lauren herself didn’t particularly like interacting with others. She usually sat alone and played with her magic, despite feeling loneliness from her parents being gone. One day, she met another child named Zerri. They quickly became friends, best friends even, since Zerri herself chose not to interact much with others. Zerri became Lauren’s only friend, and they grew extremely close to each other, often hanging out whenever they had the chance, especially since Lauren had plentiful free time. As children, they would often play games which involved one of them being the ‘bad guy’ and the other being the ‘good guy.’ Lauren would always play the bad guy, and Zerri would be the good. When they were older, they decided to go out to the city to hang out. They each got “Best friend” necklaces which connected when put together, Lauren having half of a heart with ‘Be- Fri-” on it and Zerri wearing the half with “-st -ends” on it. They were, however, at the wrong place at the wrong time. They were caught in the middle of a gang fight, and as they tried to hide and wait it out, an explosion went off, killing Zerri. Lauren was absolutely devastated at the loss, but with her own life in danger, she was forced to flee while she had the opening. Before fleeing, she took Zerri’s necklace off of her and clung onto it as she ran, taking it in memory of Zerri. It was charred beyond recognition unless paired with her own necklace to make a rough completed heart. Distraught and disoriented, she staggered down sidewalks, bumping into many other civilians. She literally ran into someone else, knocking the both of them over onto the ground. The person she knocked over was not pleased, and responded aggressively and angrily. They begin to argue, and being at her worst mentally, she snapped and lashed out at him, assaulting him in public. Realizing what she had done as others tried to stop and restrain her, she managed to slip away and ran again, this time to an isolated alleyway in an attempt to recollect her thoughts. It was at this point that a mysterious, shady person approached her and offered to bring her back to their realm. She didn’t know it, but she had gotten their attention when she assaulted the other fur and slipped away, getting away with the crime. She readily accepted the opportunity to get as far away from Zerri’s death as possible, and followed them back to their realm, ending up at Aliquam. In an attempt to get situated, she joined the guild to make her living. Later, she decided to leave the guild to turn to a life of crime, following the person who brought her to the realm down the same path, and filling the void in her heart left from having no more ‘good guy’ to ‘play’ against.

    Specialization: Bounty hunter


    Strength: 3

    Dexterity: 15

    Intelligence: 12

    Charisma: 2

    Endurance: 3

    Accuracy: 13

    Reflex: 13

    Wisdom: 12

    Constitution: 4

    Vitality: 3
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    And example of a far more balance app than mine.
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    Sweeet~! Me likey. :catwink:

    So, for everyone else, Lauren is a PC that Techno will be playing as. However, as gm, Lauren can be "paused" if Techno wants to so he can assist me with NPCs momentarily when needed.

    In short, Lauren's basically a glorified NPC. :avalilol:
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    I believe the term is 'GMPC' and they're something to be suspicious of.
  7. Jirky-Kake

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    Well, that's just far too straight to the point and simplifies my previous message! :avalibleh:
  8. TechnoCupcake

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    Dont worry, I dislike "Mary sues," so i'll definitely be trying not to abuse my power, if even using them at all. I intend to basically play Lauren as a normal character, other than a few things I may need to help the RP move smoothly along.
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    Jirky, If I made some changes to my app...would you murder me?
  10. Jirky-Kake

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    I already plan for the total eradication of all things, so this won't change much other than the order. :catwink:

    On a serious note, how big are the changes?
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    Medium-Isa sized? I was planning on making Carn's personality switch have actual physical effects, such as increased intelligence an charisma but reduced dexterity and strength.

    I was also thinking of rebalancing my points in general.

    Though I'm concerned I might abuse the personality switch and be like, "I need more intelligence? No problem!! I'll just switch the dominant personality and it's done and dusted!!" Which is unacceptable god modding.
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    I'm okay with this. The easy way to balance this is that once the change is made, the personality can't be changed back for a period of time, probably for a whole in-game day or somewhere close to it.

    As for the change of attributes, I'm also okay with. PM me both of these changes so I don't forget them.
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    So, @Jirky-Kake, I think it may be best if I hold off joining until ch 1, as I recently got a job and that, plus finals, makes for a horrific combo of work and studying that eats most of my time. Sorry for keeping you waiting so long, I'll be good to play in summer, I can join then. I'll still be watching the RP thread tho, to keep up to date.
  14. Jirky-Kake

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    That's alright~! And don't worry about me having to wait. It's not like I've needed to wait on you for nine weeks, three days, twenty hours, and forty minutes. Now that's an absolutely absurd amount of time to wait on anything! :catwink:
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    Also wanted to ask, you happen to have Discord?
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    School is coming to a close for me, fortunately, so I should have more time to work on everything now. It might still be awhile, since a few setbacks, but I'll still try to finish everything up by the end of this week or next week.

    As for how I'm doing, I'm still alive, so that's a plus~! :catwink:

    I do have a discord, but I usually only use it to talk to close irl friends and occasional Techno when he's got the time~.
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    Same here! 7 days till graduation!
    And gotcha.
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    *anticipation intensifies*

    Jirky...as an Australian, there a several rule breaking words I would like to use on you right now. Instead I'll just say.
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    Just a couple more days then I'm free to!
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    Your application has 6 points too many in their attributes. Starting number is 80.
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