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    Sorry! There's no more space remaining at the moment, but spots may open up later! I'll keep the title of this thread updated to keep those interested in joining when a spots open, so be on standby!

    Also, I'm pretty busy with IRL things, so more often than not, I can only update between once every day to once every week. Be aware that if you do join, that I will NOT be nearly as active as most other GMs—or even most other members on the forums—so there will be down times. Also also, (as backwards as it may seem) the OoC will probably always have more pages than the actual IC role play due to the amount of time we are in "Purgatory"! :avalilol:

    Anyways, enough of me blabbering on with excuses to me being a lazy ol' bum! I hope that the rest of this post will get you interested in joining (IF there's any spots open, that is.)

    —Blake Crouch​

    @Jirky-Kake @TechnoCupcake
    To Aliquot, the capital of our land, Aliquam; 250 square km in size with ten-thousand inhabitants strong and growing. After a major discovery that has allowed us to traverse between other worlds, our understanding of technology has rapidly changed. The portal has been mainly used by scientists from the guild to discover new worlds and attempted to learn more of the multiple realms, but it only has led us into conflict with another civilization...

    ——I fear that this isn't the end... I foresee a great evil...

    You are a member of the Aliquot guild. The guild has many jobs specializations that pertains to protecting or bettering the city as a whole, such as a sentinel that patrols the city, or an engineer that develops better equipment for guild members, and so on. That being said, you have been selected to be amongst a small task force to investigate an S.O.S sent by a group of guild members after entering enemy territory. We suspect that they have been taken hostage so it is your main objective to rescue them. (For those wishing to have a character of neutral or evil alignment, you have the option to leave the guild at the end of every ACT. If you'd like this option, just PM me ahead of time please; preferably before or at the start of the each ACT.)

    wow, das a lotta rules... If you're a veteran role player, then the first six is probably all you need to read or skim through, honestly.
    1. Understand and acknowledge the forum rules above all else. Follow them so nobody gets in trouble and everyone stays happy. :happylittletrees:
    2. GM's word is absolute. If there's anything that you may be in disagreement about, please let me or Techno know in a PM. From there, we'll consider changing the issue in question.
    3. Don't assume! It makes an ass out of u and me. What I mean by this is when you want your character to use a skill or attack someone, don't assume they were successful and/or hit their target. Give me the chance to decide or it will be a bad time all around.
    4. "Don't be a jerkbag!" Be nice to the other players while out of character. In character however, be the biggest jerkbag imaginable if you wish; I don't mind and even encourage it if you've got plans for chaotic alignment characters. :catwink:
    5. Keep your character in character. If you want to change anything about your character, even if it's something minor. PM me.
      In addition to this rule, if there is anything really big that you want reveal for your character in the role play, please, please, PLEASE let me know about it. I'd absolutely hate to shut you down because you threw something my way and I had no idea how to handle it, or even worse, have to halt the role play to try and come up with a way to integrate it. Even if you don't think it's a big reveal but still think I should know, then tell me, please! I like to know these things in advance!
    6. Posts in the role play WILL be typed in narrative style. That means dialogue in quotation marks, "←These weird things →" and everything outside of it will be describing what the character is experiencing in third person and anything else. It's a HUUUGE pet peeve of mine when in an actual role play and I see *asterisks* describing actions and everything else being spoken, SO DON'T F———ING DO IT.
      Regarding thoughts by your character, you can use any method so long as it is obvious that it is being said to themselves and not aloud for other people to hear. I suggest using ~tildes~ for this, but everyone has a preference; just ensure that you add a he/she/they thought before or after the dialogue in question.
    7. No meta-gaming. If you have knowledge of something in the RP and your character has no feasible way of knowing, then they don't know. As simple as that.
    8. OOC for the OOC chat. General rule of thumb for length allowed in the RP thread, about a sentence and a half, so if it's something small, such as an easily answerable question or just a simple statement you'd like to make, then sure, go ahead and put it in your post.
    9. Don't god-mode. Duh.
    10. This isn't so much a rule as it is a preference for me. I will be trying my best to make long and descriptive posts, probably about a paragraph long for everyone. You however aren't required to make a post longer than a sentence or two, but I greatly appreciate detail. It gives me a lot more to work with and makes the role play generally more fun for everyone. Unless you don't like reading... why are you here again?
    Hey! Ain't that nifty. This role play has a looting system. Cool! But how does it work, you ask? You didn't ask that? Great! I'm still going to go into detail of what loot there is and the types of quality loot comes in along with other, nit-picky various things!
    To refrain from being overloaded with information, I suggest glancing through up to important NPCs, only looking deeply into this section when you come across loot.

    There is currently three types of loot: weapons, armor, and chips (currency). There are strength weapons, dexterity weapons, magic and raw weapons that come in as melee or ranged—except for strength weapons, they are melee exclusive. A raw weapon is a powerful weapon, but grants no bonuses from character attributes, meaning that it will deal a static amount of damage. Next, there are three armor types: light, heavy, and hybrid. Light armor makes characters more capable of avoiding attacks, but only offers small resistance to damage when hit. Heavy is the opposite, granting a higher damage resistance but not as many additional points to entirely evade an attack. Hybrid is a mix of the two. Lastly are chips, you can buy whatever you want at stores and other various places with them. Generally accepted anywhere, since they are made of copper, silver and gold.

    In Aliquam (and other realms), looted loot can be looted in a rainbow of loot qualities; they decide how good of shape the item is which increases the stats of the weapon. Be careful though, as some loot can have a high ranks. Rank is a hidden value that also increases item stats, meaning that a higher rank of a lower quality item may surpass the lower rank of a higher quality item. Quality levels from the worst to the greatest are as follows:

    I'm glad you asked, my inarticulate fellow! Loot can be located in various areas, such as stolen off of other people—dead, unconscious, or simply unaware. Just defeated a hoard of enemies? Gotta loot 'em all! However, weaker opponents typically have worse quality items than stronger adversaries; some of those weaker guys only have rubbish, too! Expect bosses to have superior or better equipment when defeating them~! Other places include containers. Found an unlocked briefcase or maybe even a treasure chest? Open that bad boy up! Just pray that it isn't booby trapped! You can even search through the garbage cans if you wish! You probably won't find anything of use, though; and if you do, then you might only find rubbish. Maybe a few chips if your lucky. Who the hell keeps throwing away money, anyways? Rich bastards... If all else fails, you can simply buy loot from stores, though they typically aren't called that... I suggest NOT calling it loot when you try to buy it from someone. They might get confused and think you're weird, with good reason too.

    (This will contain events that will have happened in the older acts of this role play for those planning to join after passing ACT 1.)​

    (Please remove everything red, green and/or in parenthesis before submitting an application. Thank you!)
    (You can have multiple characters, up to a maximum of three. However, the more characters you have, the more difficult it will be for all of your characters to survive. Pets/familiars/etc. ARE included as a character of their own, so you are required to make separate application if you want a pet to follow your character. They can be of any age and their race will be whatever species they are instead; they do not need to fill out the specialization, traits, or backstory fields. Pets/familiars/etc do not level up and are not immortal.)


    Age: (Character must be 18 or older. The kiddies can't risk their lives working in the guild, Sorry! Damn child labor laws...)

    Race: (Check the available races below!)

    Appearance: (Physical description and/or a picture is fine.)

    Traits: (Positive and negative traits. Positive traits can not exceed negative traits, and neither trait can go over six.)

    Starting Melee Weapon: (Strength, Dexterity, or Intelligence?) (This weapon will be rank 1 of fine quality. If you'd like, you can also say what kind of weapon it is. Example: sword, dagger, mace, etc. Otherwise, I'll simply choose what kind of weapon it is for you.)

    Backstory: (This field is unrequired, but greatly appreciated!)

    (Yes, this is required even if you don't plan for your character to be apart of the guild for very long.)
    Here's a short list of broad specializations I came up with. You can use any of these if you'd like or use it as a guideline for a similar, more specific specialization. Also gives you an idea of what the guild does exactly:

    Bounty Hunter—Track down criminals and bring them to justice
    Espionage—Gather intel through spying and/or scouting areas
    Sentinel—Guard and patrol the city and/or important areas of interest
    Realm Hopper—Enters the city's portal to explore new realms, typically to assist those researching the realm
    Medical—Tend to wounds and saving lives
    Criminal Investigation—Exactly what it sounds like; you investigate crime
    Engineering—Make equipment for guild members and/or machinery
    Scientific—Research and learn in specific fields of science

    There are other Specializations that the guild offers, but I can't cover all of them. If there's any specialization you want your character to have in the guild that I didn't list that would make sense to exist, go ahead and put it on there and give a brief description of what it is next to it. If you pick either of the ones I listed above, you do not need the description after them since I'm fully aware of what they are.

    Attributes: (Maximum of 80 points total! 10 is average and 1 is minimum.)
    (A primary skill, strength increases the amount of damage dealt with a strength weapon as well as increasing your stamina, allowing you to attack for longer periods of time without stopping. As a primary skill, it also assists in checks that requires lifting heavy objects or breaking through obstacles.)
    (A primary skill, dexterity increases the amount of damage dealt with a dexterity weapon as well as increasing your ability to avoid attacks. As a primary skill, it also assists in checks that makes it easier to run or jump over obstacles.)
    (A primary skill, intelligence increases the amount of damage dealt with a magic weapon as well as increasing your accuracy with weapons. As a primary skill, it also assists in checks that makes it easier to think critically or disable traps and machinery.)
    (A primary skill, charisma allows for better success rates when feinting attacks and intimidating opponents to weaken their resolve to fight. As a primary skill, it also assists in checks that makes it easier to gain allies or persuade others to avoid unnecessary confrontations.)
    (A primary skill, endurance increases the total HP and also grants the character a larger carrying capacity. As a primary skill, it also assists in checks that makes it easier to persist longer where conditions challenge the character's fortitude and exert oneself for longer periods of time.)
    (A secondary skill, accuracy only increases the character's aim with weapons, but increases more than intelligence's increment on aim.)
    (A secondary skill, reflex only increases the character's evasion, but increases more than dexterity's increment on evasion.)
    (A secondary skill, wisdom is a skill that combats against other attributes in skill checks such as spotting [versus dexterity], sensing others motives [versus charisma], along with it's own list of skill checks such as listening, survival skills, and healing oneself and others)
    (A secondary skill, constitution only increases the character's total HP, but increases more than endurance's increment on HP.)
    (A secondary skill, vitality only increases the character's stamina, but increases more than strength's increment on stamina.)

    Human—Non-native to Aliquam, (h)yo͞omən were one of the first races to arrive when the portal was opened, and are still by far the most diverse race. So diverse, that they seem to have no pattern that they follow, unless you count the lack of a pattern a pattern. It's a rare occasion for two humans or more that think alike in the same room.
    They have no dominant or recessive attributes
    Salair (Starbound avian race)—Non-native to Aliquam, sa·lair are bird-like people with an attunement to magic. Largely a calm and perceptive race, they are natural mages and scholars. They are, however, not known for having a high endurance. Unlike most species of birds, salair are—as expected—grounded.
    + Intelligence - Endurance
    Wikkat (Starbound Novakid race)—Non-native to Aliquam, the wick·cat are a very exuberant race with a very terrible memory oddly enough. They are entirely made of gas, yet have a solid form that can be touched by hand without phasing though their body. Their shape is largely similar to a human's, but most wikkat have brands on their faces that range from a large variety of shapes.
    + Charisma + Accuracy - Strength - Wisdom
    Gulark (Starbound Glitch race)—Non-native to Aliquam, goo·lark are sentient robots created from an unknown origin. They are a cold and analytical race, some even describing their current emotion before speaking. Their stiff demeanor has made them a bit less charismatic than other races, but their metallic bodies have made them much more resilient to harmful conditions.
    + Endurance + Accuracy - Charisma - Reflex
    Vakair (Starbound Hylotyl race)—Through a strange and unexplained phenomenon, some of the vae·care are native to Aliquam while others are not; both native and non-native vakair are a proud and empathetic race and are both—coincidentally enough—called vakair. The origin of the name has been lost to time, speculated to be the oldest race to date. These amphibian fish-people come in many varieties and largely different sub-races, some have two eyes or even three, while some look like sharks or whales and many different species. If they weren't collectively similar in culture, they would be far more diverse than humans.
    + Wisdom - Vitality
    Lilian—Native to Aliquam, lil·ee·an are a very strong, loyal and hard working race of bear-people. Their loyalty typically allowed this race to hold higher positions in the military, or in Aliquot's case, the guild. They are however rather naïve and tend to not think for themselves, listening to their higher ups without batting an eye.
    + Strength + Constitution - Intelligence - Vitality
    Melano—Native to Aliquam, the mee·laa·no are cat-people who are as agile as they are adorable quick. Which one of you idiots put that there? The melano are a naturally inquisitive and curious race. They also have the unfortunate stigma of being the most likely to be a criminal in Aliquam.
    + Dexterity - Strength
    Leilik—Native to Aliquam, the lie·lick are a reptilian race with the lack of wings. Most leilik lived in harsh deserts of Aliquam and have learned to adapt, giving them a stronger endurance than the other natives of Aliquam. In contrast to the scorching deserts the lizards have lived in, they are the most gentle and polite race: a natural pacifist.
    + Endurance - Dexterity
    Vikini—Native to Aliquam, these large eared folk largely resemble rabbits. However, they are anything but easily frightened. With quick reflexes, faster than most melano, they are formidable fighters and plentiful in the Aliquot guild. The ve·kee·nee are a largely silent race, only speaking when it's necessary; some vikini even refuse to speak entirely, which others typically are mindful of—though can be rather inconvenient at times.
    + Reflex - Constitution
    Vikini3 by Jareix.jpg By: The Amazing Jareix Cryvix (Thank you!)
    Arkisu—Native to Aliquam, the ar·ki·su are dog-people who are also loyal and fervent workers. It's common for an arkisu to rival against lilian due to their devotion to work, nor is it uncommon for their to be a dispute between two individuals of both races, typically over something petty. Arkisu are also fairly energetic, having a lot of extra stamina they like to burn off sometimes.
    + Vitality - Accuracy

    (Some things may differ from application on thread and google doc. If that is the case, then google doc is the correct version as alterations were made down the line at some point.)
    Arra / Fraega
    Roland Weiss / Jackdaw
    Firebird Zoom / Kora Syndakk and Nova Violette
    HunterC1998 / Bill Stone and Ian Stone
    themushroomlord / Tennin and Rith
    Dragonclaw / Jack
    KingSalamander / Jarrall
    Jareix Cryvix / Gharshyl Hsok
    BlueShard / Carn Anax
    (waiting for approval)
    WarSarah / Valtoss Eiden
    (Reserved for MAMASPICE)
    (Reserved for critsarecool)​

    Nachlu—Native of Aliquam, these residents are very powerful and extremely rare. The nach·luu are very similar in appearance to the leilik, but have large wings that sprout out of their back like dragons, giving them the capability of a limited amount of time of flight. In addition to wings, most nachlu are born with markings that cover their body that have a rather tribal or spiritual appearance. They are believed to be direct descendants of the Guardian of the Seas, Lu.
    Dominate traits vary; no recessive traits
    Kitsune—Non-native to Aliquam, the kit·sue·nay have very similar appearances to the arkisu. However, kitsune are exclusive to vulpine (fox) in appearance and grow multiple tails the older they are. They have a very high acuity for magic and wisdom, but unlike the arkisu, they aren't as physically strong as them. They are uncommon throughout Aliquam, but more common than Nachlu.
    ++ Intelligence ++ Wisdom -- Strength - Constitution - Vitality
    (More races may appear later in the story.)​
    (Also, you may have noticed I removed avali. This is due to being unable to think of a way to make it lore friendly both with my own and the mod's lore. I may bring them back another time, but for now, there are no avali.)

    To submit an NPC that can be encountered later in the story requires a few different things in comparison to player character applications. These characters will either be controlled by me or Techno, and may be subjected to anything we see fit to the story, including death. The only control you have over these characters is whatever is submitted into the application; you will NOT have any control over these NPCs at anytime during the role play. You will only be able to interact with said NPC at specific points in the story. PLEASE PM THESE APPLICATIONS TO ME. Also be aware that the more NPC applications sent means the more time spent prepping the role play. I personally don't mind this, but please don't shout at me for not getting done with this quicker if you submit an NPC application to me; it will genuinely piss me off. :)




    Age: (Can be any age)

    Race: (Can be any race, including NPC exclusive races, there might be a limit to the nachlu however if there are too many submissions for them.)

    Appearance: (Physical description and/or a picture is fine.)

    Alignment: (Second most important: This will decide how other NPCs will interact with this character and what "group" they will belong to.)
    Law vs Chaos: (lawful, neutral, chaotic)
    Good vs Evil: (good, neutral, evil)
    (You can organize this to one line on alignment and remove the other two by saying
    lawful evil, or chaotic neutral. If both are neutral then it is called, pure neutral.)

    Traits: (THE MOST IMPORTANT! READ THIS: All traits, positive or negative, will be treated as neutral, but they will give me an idea of their personality and how I should have them interact during certain scenes and any characteristic quirks I should know about. There is no limit as to how many you should have and I encourage to put as many traits as possible and to be as descriptive with each trait on what they mean. The more, the better!

    Relationships: (This will decide if a character already knows either another NPC, a PC, or an organization—such as the guild—and what their standing is with them. Unlisted characters are treated as indifferent.)
    Helpful: (Will take risks to help character: protect, back up, heal, aid

    Friendly: (Wishes character well: chat, advise, offer limited help, advocate)

    Unfriendly: (Wishes character ill: mislead, gossip, avoid, watch suspiciously, insult)

    Hostile: (Will take risks to hurt character: attack, interfere, berate, flee)


    Backstory: (This field is required. It makes it a lot easier on us if we know as much as we can. If you can't come up with a backstory for them, then I probably wouldn't accept the NPC anyways.)

    (Can be left blank if they are unemployed.)

    Level: (Can be any level between 1-15. However, the higher the character's level is, the further in the RP they will be expected i.e.: level 15, expect to see them near the end of the role play.)

    Attributes: (Level 1 starts off at 80. Each level beyond is 5 points more. I.e.: Level 5 is 100 points and level 15 is 150.)

    Extra: (Anything you'd like to add! Like I said, we want to know as much as we can about your character so Techno and I can act them out as closely as we can to your wants! :avail:D:)

    This role play is a very, very large project I've been working on for a long while now, and to explain every rule would take far more time than anyone would appreciate. So, other than listing off those details, I'll instead give rules during the role play when they are applicable. They will be minor details that are best learned from experience, most of which will be experienced in ACT 0. Keep an eye out for the //EVERYONE tag, because I'm not going to repeat myself when someone else runs into the same rule explained earlier in the story.

    You may be curious as to how the heck am I supposed to keep track of all this stuff, which is simple. I'm a programmer; I made a program with the use of Visual Basic that will help keep track of all of the small details I tend to normally forget. This role play is my second attempt and I plan on finishing this now that I've learned from my past mistakes. I really hope I get participants again this time around.

    Hey! Little fun fact that you may have missed, all the playable races excluding human are six letters long. Six is also my favorite number. This wasn't intentional at first when I was coming up with names for the race, but I realized that a large portion of the names I created were exactly six letters long, so I altered the other ones that weren't until I had them all the same length. I debated changing human to humans or hoomun so it would fit with the others, but decided against in the end. Humans are just too special. ;3

    Hey! Another fun fact that I realized when creating the description for the races, I unintentionally made two playable races that reminded me of brutes and elites from the Halo franchise. Can you guess which races those are? First person to get it right and I may reward you with something. Not guaranteed though, so don't hound me about it if you're the first to get it right! :avalibleh:

    Dragonclaw was the first to get it right! Kind of unfair since he's the gm to the halo RP though. :rofl:
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    Oooooo... I'll fill an app.
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  3. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    I might just join in on this. My first question is, what kind of setting or time period is this? If not set in, then inspired by? The image you provided makes me think of late 19th or early 20th century, though I could be way off the mark there.
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  4. themushroomlord

    themushroomlord Pangalactic Porcupine

    Is there a cap on how many points you can invest into a single atribute?
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  5. Jirky-Kake

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    Great question! I will probably clarify this a little better now in the OP, so I'm glad you asked. You are pretty much correct about the time period since it's inspired off of a mixture of Victorian era and steampunk. I say a mixture because there isn't really that many steam powered machines in Aliquam, but I really like the style of steampunk attire and their cities over Victorian. Ultimately, expect some nicely dressed NPCs throughout Aliquam. :avalipretty:

    There is not a maximum cap this time, so go crazy! ;3
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  6. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    Excellent, I've been playing a lot of Fallen London lately, so you can say my interest in Victorian era stuff is piqued. I certainly want an excuse to have my character wear a morning suit and carry a sword-cane.
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  7. Jirky-Kake

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    I hope to have you aboard then! ^^
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  8. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

    I. Am. Very. Interested.
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  9. Jirky-Kake

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    Small edit to the OP:

    I clarified that yes, the salair, wikkat, gulark, and wakair races are essentially the Starbound avian, novakid, glitch, and hylotl races respectively.
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  11. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

    Name: " Well, it is nigh unpronounceable, but the closest thing is Fraega...Pronounced Frey-ja. "

    Sex: Female

    Age: " Twenty two human years.....so many more in mine..."

    Race: "Human...as far as they know any way..."

    Appearance: Pale....little lines branching from the mouth, faint little lines. Dark colored eyes, a almost painful to look at color... Strange, chitin covered and clawed feet, four tendrils can sprout from her back, capped in vicious spines. Blond, curly hair, pulled into a ponytail. If one was to really see what she is...They would see the monster that she is... She wears a strange dress, seemingly floating in the slightest..

    Too motherly
    Unstable guise- It's hard for her to keep up the guise of humanity..She needs a little break from it every now and again

    Easily trusted
    Biologically deaf- Toxins, poisons and diseases have little to no effect on her
    You can barely hit her....
    Her claws and tendrils...good gosh could she rip you limb from limb...

    Starting Melee Weapon: Jirky-Kake's choice!

    Backstory: With the discovery with realms, Fraega appeared....one could tell you where she came from if they know her, but the stories vary... She somehow managed to get into the guild, only to become a realm hopper... She always seeks, searches for something. Most of the time she's dejected, muttering on about her children..If one was to ask her about her children, she would only shake her head and frown. If you ask her of her life, she only scowls at you. And If you ask of her home, she only cries. One can tell she loves the cold, the flowers, the frost....She carries around an inky black pearl, holding it like a child.

    Specialization: Realm hopper

    Strength: 5

    Dexterity: 17

    Intelligence: 13

    Charisma: 7

    Endurance: 4

    Accuracy: 7

    Reflex: 5
    Wisdom: 2

    Constitution: 10

    Vitality: 10
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  12. Firebird Zoom

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    I'll make an app for this if I find the time, I already know who I want to do.
  13. Dragonclaw

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  14. Jirky-Kake

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    Accepted. The weapon of choice is an estoc: a weapon fit for even the most regal of lords~.

    I'll make a character sheet you can refer to of this when I've got the free time. I should get it done today. :3
  15. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    An estoc, eh? Funny, because I was going to give my character a sword-cane, which is basically a smallsword hidden as a walking-stick. Seems we'll have at least a couple 'fencers' if you will. I'm also assuming a smallsword falls in the same category as an estoc, being a 'dexterity' weapon.
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  16. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Supernova

    Lilian seem a bit like Elites and the Arkisu seem like the brutes since they don't exactly like the Lilian.

    And now to work on my app.
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  17. Jirky-Kake

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    *slight spoiler, not really since it isn't confirmed* I actually have a character that may show up in later events that has a hidden weapon in their cane, but it's a revolver instead a sword. The cane is the true gentleperson's weapon :drinkinggentcat:
    Haha! I shouldn't be surprised the GM for the Halo RP was the first to get it basically right. Personally, I'd say it's more the other way because I think bears would more closely resemble brutes than dogs, but the vice versa is still correct since I didn't specify that much in their description.
  18. Arra

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    I would highly advise you to NOT fight Fraega....
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  19. Roland Weiss

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    You assume I'd fight fair; sucker.

    Name: Jackdaw

    Sex: Male

    Age: Mid-thirties

    Race: Human

    Standing before you is an intense-looking gentleman, wearing the typical attire of this era; shirt, waistcoat, trousers, shoes; as well as a long-coat to cover for the inclimate weather. His face betrays a certain world-weariness, having let his beard grow out somewhat, and clenched in his teeth is an omnipresent pipe.He also carries what appears to be a simple cane.

    Educated man: “I’ve learnt quite a few thing in my time; though I won’t call myself an expert, I do dabble in the sciences.”
    Dirty Fighter: “Don’t be afraid of the low-blows. Take every measure needed to win.”
    Keen-eyed: “Every detail is important. So make sure to keep an eye out for those things.”

    Burnt-out: “It’s been quite a difficult time. I’m not sure how much further I can go; I’ll just have to endure.”
    Enemies of a criminal element: “As I was a member of the constabulary, I’ve made a few enemies of this city’s underworld. I guess you could say I stood for something once in my life.”
    Smoker: “Just one of my vices; what do you do to calm your nerves?”

    Starting Melee Weapon: Sword-Cane (Dexterity)

    “What is there to say about my past? I guess could speak of my childhood, the eve of a tragedy. I could talk about my time working for the constabulary, dealing with the crime of this wretched city. I could speak of my time working for the guild, although this has only been recent. I could speak of all these things; though the memories are something I don’t care to re-live. I can tell you what I do now, a consultant detective working with this ‘guild’, whatever pays the bills, I suppose.”

    Specialization: Criminal Investigation

    Strength: 9
    Dexterity: 14
    Intelligence: 14
    Charisma: 8
    Endurance: 6
    Accuracy: 8
    Reflex: 5
    Wisdom: 8
    Constitution: 4
    Vitality: 4
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  20. Firebird Zoom

    Firebird Zoom Oxygen Tank

    This may be an extremely unbalanced character in terms of her stats, as I was jutting up against the 80-point attribute limit a lot.

    Name: Kora “Cheshire” Syndakk
    Sex: female
    Age: 19
    Race: Melano
    Appearance: Below average height, about 4’9” tall. Kora has bold, violet-colored eyes that seem to twinkle in the darkness. Her fur is naturally white and orange, but years of neglect have left it the color of tarnished bronze. As Cheshire, she usually wears a long, black, flowing coat over an azure corset and dark grey shirt. In addition to that, she wears long grey pants secured by a black leather belt with a silver buckle. To finish off her outfit, she wears calf-length, steel-toed boots made from slightly blued leather, a white porcelain mask with a sinister, yet luminous smile painted on it, and a black tricorne hat. As Kora, she wears a hooded black cloak over a crimson corset and white shirt. She also wears a knee-length white skirt with a red trim. She also wears grey leggings and the same belt and boots that she wears as Cheshire, but who pays attention to those anyway?
    • Dancer: her training as a dancer allows her to perform fluid, complex maneuvers in a fight. This also gives her an extensive knowledge of a body's center of gravity.
    • Intimidating: Kora knows just how to get inside your head in order to gain an advantage.
    • Remorseless: she has no guilt for killing others, in her mind, they deserved to die.
    • PTSD
    • Loose Cannon: Kora has a tendency to go off the grid or break protocol in order to pursue her own vendetta or complete her objective.
    • Lone Wolf: Prefers working alone to being part of a group.
    • Revenge-driven: She will take any chance she gets to strike back against those who ruined her life, even if it isn’t tactically wise.
    • Sadistic
    Starting Melee Weapon: Short gladius, Dex-based weapon.
    Backstory: Kora was the daughter of a prominent aristocratic household. Her parents wanted her to become a dancer, and she was given the best teachers. In fact, she would have turned out to be a very different person had her entire family not been murdered when one of her father’s black-market deals went bad. She managed to survive by hiding in a closet, but she had to witness the entire event while being helpless to stop it. She swore revenge on those who took her family from her, and managed to survive on the streets until she was 16, when she donned her signature mask and the alias “Cheshire” among those in the criminal underworld. She only joined the guild within the past six months, seeing it as the next step in her revenge.
    Specialization: Bounty Hunter
    Strength: 3
    Dexterity: 20
    Intelligence: 3
    Charisma: 20
    Endurance: 3
    Accuracy: 4
    Reflex: 15
    Wisdom: 4
    Constitution: 4
    Vitality: 4

    I’d like to make a note here that Kora/Cheshire's preferred fighting style involves her using two pistols and two short, Dex-based melee weapons, and she decided to only take the gladius for this mission to appear less "threatening." Cheshire also speaks in a much higher register then Kora, I'll differentiate the two voices by using violet for Kora and blue for Cheshire.

    Name: Nova Violette
    Sex: Female
    Race: Wikkat
    Age: unknown
    Appearance: Violette stands at 5’5” tall and has a brand in the shape of an eight-pointed star with similarities to a compass rose. Her brand has three parallel scratches going diagonally downwards from the top left of it to its bottom right. As she has been here for a while, she has acclimatized to Aliquam and wears very fashionable clothes including an emerald corset that accentuates her ample cleavage quite nicely and a dress of the same color. However, Violette's body is a deep shade of violet and her body has crystalline spikes growing out of her body at seemingly random angles and locations. (WORDS!!)
    • Adaptable
    • Centuries of experience
    • Crystals: the crystal spikes her body generates are unique to Violette and can be broken off to either be used as a material to upgrade weapons and armor or sold for a fair price.
    • Crystalline Armor: Melee attacks deal damage to the attacker as well and damage taken is slightly reduced.
    • Extremely Durable
    • Crystal Storm: Violette can forcefully shatter the crystals on her body into a shotgun-like burst.
    • Lonely
    • Distrustful
    • Easily annoyed
    • Loss: has a chance of flying into an emotion-fueled rage at random moments.
    • Vitrification: Violette’s crystals grow at a surprisingly fast rate and can impair her movement if their growth isn’t checked constantly
    • Alcoholic
    Starting Weapon: Crystalline Broadsword (Strength)
    Backstory: Not much is known about Violette. She has claimed to be the sixth among nine sisters, but since nobody has met them, it is unknown if they really exist. She is fond of drinking and has once claimed that her damaged brand is the source of her crystals. She is very tight-lipped about her past, but she claims to have fallen from the sky. She often gazes off into the night sky, looking for someone or something.
    Specialization: Wild Card: performs any task in need of doing.
    Strength: 20
    Dexterity: 4
    Intelligence: 20
    Charisma: 2
    Endurance: 20
    Accuracy: 1
    Reflex: 1
    Wisdom: 1
    Constitution: 1
    Vitality: 10
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