Boss Alien Civil War Mission and Boss Concept and Art

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    So the mission Goes out like this. There is one NPC that will give you this mission and he will ask you to talk to another NPC who is considered their RIVAL Alien race and that they are locked into a civil war. The other race are the natives (Quimri) while the others are the invaders (Balkir) of their planet. After talking with the two you will need to choose which side to fight on. Each side has different Mobs and Boss that you will fight. These are the Bosses:

    Quimri Race : Epeon The Commander of the Quimri Resistance

    [​IMG] [/IMG]

    Attack Mechanics of Epeon:
    1.Shoots Laser rifle (His attack deals more damage but his rate of fire is slower)
    2.He can melee with his knife
    3.He can use electric rounds which if hit can stun the player.
    4.When down to 50% health he Can burrow underground being invulnerable before coming out behind the player and shooting a flurry of shots.

    Balkir Race: Manipularius The Commander of the Balkir Armada
    [​IMG] [/IMG]

    Attack Mechanics of Manipularius

    1. Shoots Arm Mounted laser shooter
    2.Can switch with other weapons 2 weapons like a laser shotgun and a laser machine gun.
    3.He will always avoid close contact with the player, he will always run away from the player.
    4.When down to 30% health will will dual wield his shotgun and machine gun.
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    Neat idea!!!!!!!!!!

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