Alex should leave the house more often after marriage

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    Unfortunately for me, I married Alex BEFORE I saw his 8 heart event, which prevented me from seeing it since Alex never leaves the house and goes to the beach, where you have to be to activate the event. My suggestion would be to have Alex leave the house more often, visit the hot springs in the winter like he does before marriage, the beach in summer as he did when he was single, and most importantly, work at the ice cream stand in the summer again! If you marry him, you CANNOT buy ice cream from Alex (although there is a way to get it later in the game). I would love if Alex left the farm more often than once a week to visit his grandparents. It feels like we stole his life from him lol. Maru still works at the hospital after marrying her. Why not Alex?

    Sidenote: Alex only having two loved items makes it reallyyyy difficult to befriend him early game.
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