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    The invisibility potion is currently very difficult to use in Adventures.
    For two main reasons:

    1. You can not renew the duration of invisibility by throwing an invisibility potion while already invisible.

    2. There are two ways to exit invisibility, one is from doing enough hits, another is to run out of time.

    This means that mobility is reduced during stealth- you will exit stealth if you dash too much. You'll also exit stealth if you throw 1-2 potions and hit a few enemies. It seems that this may be caused by having crit splash, as well as other types of damages as those are also calculated as separate hits. So if you build your items with elementals, even at max level, you'll end up exiting your stealth very often after just one or two hits.

    Change it so that it's one or the other.
    1. Make it so that it's either duration based, or that it
    2. Lasts until the player has done X number of hits.

    1 will allow the player to have high mobility and do lots of things while in stealth, but will have to be attentive of how much time they have left.

    2 will make the player have reduced mobility as it is now, but will allow the player to take their time to get into the perfect spot for attacking.

    Additional note about stealth:
    Why does the block counter and buffs/debuffs disappear when in stealth?
    It really hinders the player.
    • fearlessbro

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      I believe the way it is now is properly balanced if not overpowered. If the invs potion worked like it did in rebirth, many epic creatures including the blood golems would be a joke.
      • SPLlT

        SPLlT Big Damn Hero

        I know very well how the invis potion in rebirth was overpowered.
        The way that the invis potion works now is that if you throw one, you could dash 3 times and it would dissipate.
        This means zero mobility.
        And if you were to not dash, you could throw two potions (perhaps one if you hit multiple enemies) at level 3, not allowing you to effectively use potions while in stealth by the time you get to the enemies.
        Don't forget, this is just based on hit count. (Even if you don't hit an enemy, it counts as a "hit", although not as much as if you were to crit or apply multiple elements on an enemy.)
        On top of all this, you can't renew invisibility either. The game doesn't prevent you from throwing a potion once the cooldown ends, so if you throw another invisibility potion during the duration of the invis (if you somehow didn't hit a single enemy during the duration) then it will actually reduce the duration of your current invisibility since it actually counts as a potion throw, effectively a "hit".

        I'm not saying to make the potion overpowered like it was in rebirth, I'm saying to make it either one or the other; there are currently two big nerfs to the potion, causing the assassin to either 1. not attack or 2. not be in stealth 90% of the time.

        In fact, even stacking the skill all the way to level 5 isn't enough to chain 3 potions on a group of 5 enemies. +Stealth doesn't seem to increase stealth duration either, only the allowed number of hits in stealth.

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