Age kids to same ages as Vincent & Jas

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by GoodnightMonkey, Feb 14, 2020.

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    I saw another thread suggesting ageing the kids up, but it hasn't been posted to since December so I thought to make a new thread!

    I would love for our kids to age up enough to be about the same age as Vincent and Jas and go to school with them and Ms. Penny. Our spouses can venture out, speak to us, receive gifts, give us gifts, go to festivals, et cetera, which is something I'd like to see for the kids as well.

    I know some people would like them to age up enough to be able to help on the farm (which I understand why they'd want this because it's part of the newer Harvest Moon games) but I personally don't care if they do or don't because we have our spouse and - eventually - the Junimos (probably). I would just like to see them be more interactable/alive than be like the cat.

    P.S. It'd also be great if they could close their eyes when in bed. ♪ Haha
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      i agree with this, but i only want them to water the crops because the wife can't be trusted with it, she only water the crops "if" she feels like it lol, and we can leave the harvesting to Junimos. and having extra 2 kids in the town would make it more lively, sometimes i feel sad for my wife (Penny) that she only get to teach 2 kids around a big table enough for 8 people xD

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