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RELEASED Aero Katana

Discussion in 'Weapons, Armor and Clothes' started by nzosaurus, Aug 22, 2020.

  1. nzosaurus

    nzosaurus Void-Bound Voyager

    Annotation 2020-08-22 035743.png DE SCRIPTION
    "...and just like that...all my men... D E A D!... GET ME OUT OF HERE RIGH-...."

    So I've seen this katana on countless posts, but for some reason, it's gone bonk. So I have taken it upon myself to fix it up for it to actually work and that everyone can use it with ease.

    This mod provides you with two options for the Aero Katana:

    This mod:

    - Subbing to this will grant you the Aero Katana without having to worry about copy and pasting the code every time you start a new character.
    All you would have to is either retrieve it from Asra Knox by killing her or spawning it in via:

    /spawnitem soluskatana
    This basically replaces the crappy version of the solus katana with the one that everyone likes and actually would use.

    MP Friendly / Client Sided Version:

    Click on the Pastebin link: https://pastebin.com/Pn9mzcsj

    Go in the chat box in the left-hand corner of your screen, and copy-paste the code in.

    I made this because the original Aero Katana would crash the game, and I didn't want to have to copy-paste the fixed code (linked in the Pastebin) in the event I made a new character. Annotation 2020-08-21 193935.png Annotation 2020-08-22 035412.png
    Annotation 2020-08-22 035743.png
    Gif Preview: https://www.reddit.com/r/starbound/comments/64cjt1/custom_weapon_aero_katana/ - Created by u/derpFenrier

    He pretty much said in the comments that people are free to make a mod out of this. So I did after three years.


    Credits to u/vlad for being able to compile my Pastebin into an actual .activeitem for mod use

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  2. nzosaurus

    nzosaurus Void-Bound Voyager

    Here's the zip file for download fam!

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