Aegir, the city in the deep

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    My own 'Atlantis' style deep-sea civilization, on the bottom of the ocean (on an ocean planet);
    Aegir (or Ægir) stands for Ocean in ancient Norse language.


    What does it contain?

    The city itself has an entire NPC population who worship you as their king, and contains the following:
    • Bedrooms: where you can sleep if you so desire, have a drink or just enjoy the atmosphere
    • Bathrooms: where you can take showers/baths for however long you want
    • Airlocks: that fill up with water or drains the water down depending on whether you enter or exit
    • Arcade Hall: the NPCs do actually play on the machines
    • Night Club: yes, they dance in there as well, and there is also music playing which you can turn on or off
    • Dining Hall: most of it is cosmetic unfortunately as the NPCs don't know how to grab food from the chefs, but I plan on making it fully functioning in the future
    • Shop: where you can buy your fluffy needs of plush animals or just get a nectar juice (or beer, I don't judge)
    • Guard Rooms: every block contains at least 2 guard rooms, where guards live; to protect the city
    • Advertising: ...a lot of it, they love their neon, flashy signs, don't they?
    The NPCs can, and do use most of these rooms.

    What can the NPCs do?

    The NPCs will do several things in the city (all thanks to the colonization update):
    • Eat: at the shop or from vending machines/bowls (as said before the Dining Hall isn't functioning properly yet)
    • Sit: at the tables, at the Dining Hall or at their own little mini-lounge
    • Sleep: in their beds or in others' beds; they don't care who's bed it is, but they will sleep in it
    • Talk: to each other and even to you if that is what you want
    • Quests: can be given by them from time to time (mostly cosmetic rewards)
    • Dance: in the club whenever they feel the groove
    • Play: the arcade games (they love their entertainment)
    • Sell: items specific to their race (clothing, furniture, food, or even weapons)
    • Buy: items from your shops (from vending machines or the store shelves)
    • Rent: the rooms they stay in, so you always get something from them after a while (pixels or other items such as food or healing items)
    • Fashion: is important for them, and thus; they wear different cosmetic items like players would
    They have quite the busy life, eh?

    What is the city made of?

    90% of the items used are from the once abandoned Ocean Dungeon for Hylotls (which the developers showcased a part of, but never finished). All of the Hylotl Ocean Dungeon items were used (every single one of them).

    The way I made the entire city is how it would've looked like if the developers finished it... Well, maybe a little wider (to fit the rooms in), shorter (realized too late that it's too short, should've given the feeling of a skyscraper), and more complex (due to the wiring at the airlocks and bathroom systems). Ok so maybe not how it would've looked like if the devs made it but... CLOSE ENOUGH!

    Custom items that were used are some of the panels at the airlocks which light up as you enter or exit, and the wiring which I did, so that the bathrooms function properly and the airlocks can be used safely at any time.

    Final notes:

    I am a massive fan of underwater cities , and a big fan of the Hylotls with their split culture (Ancient Japan above water, Neo Japan under water)... So I couldn't hold back from making my dream civilization!

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you like my creation.

    PS: Kudos if you can find my character in the image (yes I'm in it).
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