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    I know this suggestion is by all means no small feat to code, and as far as I've read, after a while most people find their spouse a little stale after marriage. That said, I find myself spending a lot of time in the mines because it's in-game time well spent. I'm married to Elliot, whom I enjoyed immensely when I was courting him, and his few lines of dialogue as a husband I find charming. But he doesn't do much when not on a walk back to his old cottage, though the farm help is appreciated.

    I want to take this goofball to the mines with me. Short of an entire AI system for combat, I don't know how this could be conceptualized, but I'd like to equip him from a menu, set a date and time for him to meet me to the mouth of the cave, and when we enter to just roam with me. Maybe there are some preset behaviors we can choose for how they act by approaching and asking them to:

    "Mine" - If equipped with a pick axe, goes about breaking rocks near me until reaching a certain level of their own depleted energy, in which they switch to Conserve mode

    "Loot" - Specifically on the lookout to collect drops and break crates. The spouse has their own inventory we can check. Perhaps they have only 12 or 24 slots of storage on their person and defaults into Defend mode when full, or consults about what to drop if anything.

    "Defend" - Specifically out to attack monsters when equipped with a weapon. Looting is left up to you

    "Conserve" - When health is low, avoids incoming monsters and attacks when need be. More frequently uses food items on their person to regain max/suitable health. When in Mine mode and energy is low, cancels out Mine mode

    You can walk up to and directly chat with your spouse to check on how they're doing, hear their little quips, feed them food and buffs, and switch out some of their inventory from your own.

    If you faint in the mines as well, since your spouse is with you, you may not lose so significant an amount of items and gold because they escorted you. If they faint on the other hand, well, it may force you to leave the mines and some items in their own inventory (and your own money because that's always a penalty in these games).

    It'd be great if your spouse also warned you only once about how they feel it's "getting late", which reminds you as the player to check the time (especially for those like me who always push it).

    This would be an amazing feature with those married to Abigail too, since she lives for this kind of stuff.

    What do you guys think? In the meantime, I could always relegate this to a personal fanfiction, lol.
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      yeah, even though this would probably take a lot to code, i'd love a feature like this. i'd be mining a lot more if i could take my spouse, honestly.
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        I approve, this would be fun. :3
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