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WIP Advanced Weapon Generation

Discussion in 'Weapons, Armor and Clothes' started by Rysan Marquise, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Rysan Marquise

    Rysan Marquise Tentacle Wrangler

    Working on a mod to create advanced, interesting weapon generation rules. The rules are made in mind with balance and gameplay. The goal here is to make different weapons have enough variety that discovering a new weapon, learning about it, and choosing it personally is an interesting and engaging process, beyond just the listed DPS properties of a gun or sword.

    As of right now I do not have access to enough aspects of weapon generation to create new balance principles, and all weapons have to be balanced relative to current norms. Assistance here would be appreciated.

    Current Progress:
    Redesigned all plasma weapons to have diverse and interesting projectiles with specific uses and weaknesses, along with a number of sub-varieties.
    Blue: Initial low speed shot shoots weak sub-shots. Varies in duration and power.
    Red: Initial shot slows to a stop then deploys into a powerful shotgun blast. Hitting an enemy will generally pierce it with the attack to enemies behind it.
    Green: Initial shot will deflect then bounce back to the location it came from, creating an area denial effect.
    Yellow: Shot decreases in power of range and deals less damage on glancing blows, but deals more potential damage.

    To Do:
    Set up for compatibility with current mod release system.
    Create variety of projectile speeds for standard bullets, with slight variations in damage, knockback, and projectile speed.

    Update unusual bullet effects to be more interesting for standard bullets, including reducing split-shot damages and making them pierce.

    Update melee weapons with larger variety of attacks, including multi-hit effects, and slight increases or decreases to range compensated by attack duration or knockback changes.

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