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    Hello everyone,

    I wondered myself, why no mods were released and added some more advanced machines or other machine types to the game ... so I decided to try it myself.

    Sooooo, I want to show you, what I get ready so far. Following machines are added to the game in this mod.

    Advanced Machine Catalogue:
    To getting started with advanced machines, you need to buy the Advanced Machine Catalogue at Pierres and place it in your farmhouse. After placed in your farmhouse, you are able to click on it and buy the other machines coming with this mod.
    For now there are no crafting recipes for the advanced machines, you will need to buy the catalogue first. Let's say these machines are that much advanced, you cannot craft it by yourself ... or simply: Stardew Valley do not like it, when I add new crafting recipes (maybe take a look at this later on).

    Solar Panel:
    Very similar to the lightning rod, the solar panel will produce battery packs, but needs some time to do this with the power of the sun.

    Milking Station:

    Are you too lazy to milk your cows every single day?, well I am. Therefore I created this machine, which will milk your cows and sends the milk to an adjacent chest. You will need to put it in a barn and put a chest next to it, to getting it work.

    Advanced Furnace:
    This is a advanced version of the original furnace from Stardew Valley, it acts like a furnace, but will automatically check chests next to it for some ores to smelt, smelt these and send the bars back to an adjacent chest.

    Geode Crusher:
    Annoyed from opening your geodes at Clints?, well this machine does the same as Clint will do, but you are able to place it on your farm.

    Advanced Geode Crusher:
    Works the same as the normal Geode Crusher above, but will consider adjacent chest and work automatically.

    Advanced Cheese Press:
    An advanced version of the original Stardew Valley cheese press, which will pull milk from adjacent chests and sends the cheese back to an adjacent chest.

    Thanksfully my lovely girlfriend made some pictures for the machines, that I can present you.


    This is the first version of the mod, so I do not know, if it will work in all cases and if I found all bugs.
    Therefore if you are having any problems or ideas for machines, I could add, let me know.

    As usual backup your savegame and enjoy ;-)

    This a SMAPI-Mod, so simply add the AdvMachines folder to your mods folder.

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    • General Chaos

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      I like the idea of this mod for mid to end game farms to help toward completing the farm you want thanks. I will leave feedback when I try it out with all my other mobs to let you know how compatible it is with them.
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      • HopeWasHere

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        I really like the idea of some of the machines, when using FarmAutomationCollector some of them become redundant (like the milking station, advanced furnace, and the advanced cheese press) but for those that don't use it, these machines are great! If you want to make them craftable, I would suggest checking out Custom Farming. It's a mod that allows for new machines to be added to the game through the crafting menu.

        I can't wait to try these new machines out, great work :)
        • XiNáru91

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          Can you update this mod für 1.2+ pls? while playing the mod was crashed. in the smapi console was an error.
          • Pathoschild

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          • trnb

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            This is a really nice mod but when I use the advanced furnace I hear the loading sound no matter where I am on the map when a new ingot gets started, is there anyway to change that.
            • ShneekeyTheLost

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              Any plans for an egg-picker-upper to clean up the Coop and put into adjacent chest? Would be really handy to have, along with the milker.
              • DragonDreads

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                I had this mod installed along with Advize's Extended Farm 3.0. I had several barns running fine until I added the advanced milker to the barns in the Extended farm map. It crashed hard and corrupted my save file. I'm attaching the error log maybe it can help figure out what exactly caused the error.

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                • Diotheawesome

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                • Diotheawesome

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                  btw how can I change the price?

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