WIP Advance Wars 2 Hard Mode Campaign (Orange Star Missions Completed!)

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    Hey everyone, I just picked up Wargroove yesterday and I am already in love with it. As a kid, I used to play Advance Wars all the time and when I saw we could create our own campaigns in Wargroove I knew I had to pick this up. I knew almost instantly that I had to try and recreate my favorite Advance War game's campaign in this since the overlap between the two is almost identical. I posted this on the Steam forums as well but since they are so excited to just shout into the void about bugs and all sorts of junk like that it quickly got lost. So I figure I'll give you guys a look at my campaign I am working on.

    So I present to you my work in progress Advance Wars 2 Hard Mode custom campaign.


    Here is the first stage, Border Skirmish.
    This stage required a bit of tweeking since you cannot easily go through cities like you can in Advance Wars and siege units cannot go through forests. But it is an almost exact recreation of stage one from the hard mode campaign. What lurks enemy force lurks in the fog? Who knows, just be prepared to hold the line and defend your home.

    Second Stage Orange Dawn.


    Now this one was really fun to make because it is the first inclusion of Black Hole weaponry, the laser grid. Well... in this case laser air unit barracks. Fight along the islands to get to the black hole stronghold. Just be careful though because every turn the laser grid will fire in a cross shape along the entire map hitting every unit in it's path. This can be used to your advantage though since it hurts the Black Hole units as well. Tread carefully and you'll emerge successfully.

    Stage 3 Mercia's Time


    You have driven the Black Hole back but they have had enough, they have set up one of their most devastating weapons yet. The Black Cannon. Any Orange Star unit caught in its blast suffers 5 HP damage so you have to be careful when advancing. Be careful advancing up the eastern side as well the Black Hole has set up mini cannons as well to protect their prized Black Cannon. Can Mercia destroy the Black Cannon and cause the Black Hole to fall back?

    Stage 4 Mountain Ops


    Oh would you look at that a new Biome?! Taking advantage of the snowy biome we have Mountain Ops! Ragna has pressed an assault on a remote part of the Orange Star. Caesar is sent to fend off her attack and push her back out of Orange Star territory. She has set up another Black Cannon to try and prevent the Orange Star from pushing her onslaught back. Will you be able to hold off the oncoming attack in the dangerous and narrow mountain range?

    Stage 5 Sea For All


    On an island chain in the Orange Star, the Black Hole has mobilized a formidable sea and air force. Can you hold back the Black Hole using only Sea and Air units?

    Stage 6 POW Rescue!


    While fighting on the islands off the shore of the Orange Star Ragna has taken over a heavily populated region. Fight through the fog and liberate your villages. Be careful what lurks in the fog. Ragna was prepared for your advance and set up mini cannons and has a heavy ranged force hiding in the shadows.

    Stage 7 Test of Time


    Ragna left a map in the villages to a secret stronghold set up by the Black Hole to conduct research in the Orange Star. After losing the map the Black Hole is scrambling to destroy any and all research left in their stronghold! You have fifteen days to capture their stronghold before they destroy the research! Be careful though Ragna does not plan to let you past and has heavy defenses set up preparing for your advance! Tread carefully but work fast! You don't have long!

    Stage 8 Liberation!

    We've driven the Black Hole almost out of our lands, and we finally figured out where all their troops are coming from! A giant training facility at the edge of our territory! We have to destroy their supply line and cut off their supplies that are recruiting their troops! Push on through and destroy the gate keeping their facility running! Be careful though, their training facility is still running and is pumping out troops faster than you can imagine! Don't get overwhelmed and keep a cool head. This is the last fight we're going to have defending our home!

    Bonus! War Room Mission 1 Spann Island


    Before the assault on the first Black Cannon Mercia and Emeric found a remote island to hold a Skirmish to help Mercia prepare for the large fight to destroy the cannon. Face off with Emeric in a friendly Skirmish and see if you can come out on top on this classic Advance Wars War room map.

    War Room Mission 2 Dire Ridge

    After the sorry showing of Ragna losing to a dog Valder has decided to take matters into his own hands and launch an assault on a more populated location on the Orange Star mountains. The terrain is tough so use your air transports to make their journey easier.

    War Room Mission 3 Duo Falls

    After the large scale air and sea assault, Emeric decided that the ground troops needed a bit of training to make sure they didn't lose their luster after being set aside in the last battle. Choose your commander from the Orange Star commanders and have a friendly skirmish with the Orange Star troops to make sure they are ready for the next fight!

    I'm still working on the rest of the missions and some of them take a long time due to creating triggers for Black Weapons. Story will be added once the missions themselves are completed.

    I have also included a straw poll that will let me get feedback on what War Room missions you guys want to see in upcoming releases! Note that some may not be done until I get to other territories such as Green Earth and Yellow Comet but I'll be sure to include them.


    If you guys want to try it out for yourself right now here is the current download code. SVMA3NSB
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      Interesting and abitious to remake AW within Wargroove, I wonder how accurate you can imitate those missions. For example the black cannon do you made it to fire in the special radius just like on the original? Well I guess I will find it out sooner or later, do you have something playable for now in stock?
      • Ramirez77

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        Yes the Black Hole weapons do actually work as intended. There isn't any sort of showy cannon firing animations. What it pretty much does is before the cannon fires it makes the ground flash on the turn before it fires. And on the turn, it fires it will center on the cannon and deal damage to targets in range. I do wish I could make the cannons not outright kill units as it does in AW2 where it just brings you down to 1HP but hey it adds a bit of difficulty to keep your units healthy or lose them.

        Also, can I just upload what I have and keep uploading it? I was unsure if uploading it would lock it out and not let me update it anymore.
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          Amazing work m8, this fulfills almost entirely my nostalgia, chuckle fish almost did with wargroove but thanks to you is even better now, I wonder how much is different, the gameplay was pretty unique and different from aw2
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            There are a few things that create a bit of a difference in how it plays. For instance there are a lot more units that can cross mountains and rivers compared to AW2 and the lack of Fuel and Ammo changes the game up a bit. But for the most part the game plays almost exactly the same as the advance wars series in my opinion.
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