RELEASED Adult Jas Bachelorette - with a side of Adult Vincent

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  1. randomAnon123

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    Why yes, I'm that guy.

    This is not a sex mod.
    It will NEVER be a sex mod.
    But hey, at least she's legal now.

    [​IMG] [VIDEO... REVIEW?]
    By Dragoon-BB/dragoonbb

    Check out his other reviews here and here!

    - Adult sprite for both Jas and Vincent!
    - Custom portraits drawn by me!
    - Dating & Marriage!
    - Heart Events (2, 4, 6, 8, 10)!
    - Flower Dance & Kissing Compatibility!
    - Custom Dialogue (Normal, Festivals, In-laws)!
    - Married Schedule - Jas visits Marnie's Ranch once every week and is tutored by Penny on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday!
    - Slightly altered normal dialogue for both Jas and Vincent, so as to keep them somewhat consistently young adults. Or, well, I tried to.

    Make a back up of your Content folder and of your savefile. Extract the rar in your game folder and overwrite everything.

    The mod is working if the word "SINGLE" appears underneath Jas' name in the Social screen.
    If it doesn't:
    a) Try giving a gift to Jas, talking to her or going to bed;
    b) You might have made a mistake while installing.

    [​IMG] [WARNING]
    This mod is not compatible with other marriage mods and/or custom Jas portraits.

    Ok, I lied. Updated to 1.1 it is. Everything should be working.

    - The spouse room for Jas will be empty and you won't be able to put stuff on the walls.
    That's because Jas doesn't have a spouse room in the game's code.
    If you want, you can use this mod to fix the problem.
    Make sure you have SMAPI before using this mod.
    * Now included in the Mega Folder itself, with everything already set up!
    (Still, go on the thread and leave a like if you're using the mod!)

    - During the wedding Lewis will call Jas your "husband". Why? Who knows? My guess is that Lewis is becoming senile.

    - During the wedding there'll be another Jas in the audience. Don't worry about her, she's actually the Wizard in disguise.


    Here's how the custom portraits & sprites look compared to the vanilla ones:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Actually, Jas went through a few changes regarding her portrait:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I know what you're thinking.
    No, not the "OMG why would you make this!?" "Why screenshot? Shouldn't it be screenshots?".
    And the answer is, I'm lazy. Sorry about that.



    Stardewmods It's gone now :V
    The Nexus

    Here's a sort of walkthrough (like the one I made for the Yandere mod) for triggering the events.

    • 2 Hearts Event
    Location: Forest
    Heart Requirements: Jas (2 Hearts)
    Additional Requirements: Sunny weather. Jas must be present.
    • 4 Hearts Event
    Location: Farm - Marnie's Ranch
    Heart Requirements: Jas (4 Hearts)
    Additional Requirements: You'll receive a letter that'll tell you exactly what to do. Jas must be present.

      • 6 Hearts Event
    Location: Museum
    Heart Requirements: Jas (6 Hearts)
    Additional Requirements: None.

      • 8 Hearts Event
    Location: Marnie's Ranch - Mountain
    Heart Requirements: Jas (8 Hearts) - Shane (2 Hearts)
    Additional Requirements (First Part): Jas must be present. You must have seen Shane's 2 hearts event.
    Additional Requirements (Second Part): Sunny weather. The time is from 10 pm to midnight.
      • 10 Hearts Event
    Location: Farm - Secret
    Heart Requirements: Jas (10 Hearts)
    Additional Requirements: Sunny weather. Exit your house between 6 am and half past 9 am.
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    • viovasvi

      viovasvi Subatomic Cosmonaut

      i really like this because i feel like Jas is a sweet little girl who will learn to actually like the gifts i give her hahaha she hates all my jelly i make :p
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      • Rosalie

        Rosalie Cosmic Narwhal

        this is cute! thanks for your time and effort <3
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        • randomAnon123

          randomAnon123 Orbital Explorer

          Glad you guys like it! Hopefully you'll also like the heart events (which, by the way, are different from the Jas Marriage Mod. Some are even inspired by one of my favorite husbandos in HM)
          If you ever get stuck (I give my events very arbitrary trigger sometimes), feel free to ask for help/advice.
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          • AfrokingJ

            AfrokingJ Big Damn Hero

            I can't wait to see how different Yandere Adult Jas is to Yandere Child Jas.
            • Gabaw

              Gabaw Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              Thanks for doing this in a not horrible way :confirm:
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              • randomAnon123

                randomAnon123 Orbital Explorer

                Eh, I don't know if I'll be doing a Yandere version for the adult mod. I've honestly begun to lose interest in Stardew Valley lately (might be because of school finally ending and other games popping up).
                We'll see.

                EDIT: But if I had to guess, I'd say that she would act pretty close to the child version. Maybe a bit yandere for Vincent at first, but then she locks onto you and that's it, you're done. I guess that since she's a young adult she'd be way more forward about it though. Trying to seduce you, using psychology books to decipher your mind and make you love her. Maybe more violent, too.

                As in, I don't think Penny'd survive a grown-up Jas. Nor any of the other bachelorettes and/or bachelors, for that matter. Bloodbath all around :V

                I aim to please.
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                • AfrokingJ

                  AfrokingJ Big Damn Hero

                  Pretending to be ill to try and poison harvey, sneaking in and rigging up maru's machine to electrocute her, trying to lure abigail into the mines to meet you, sabotaging Sebastian motorcycle and the like.
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                  • viovasvi

                    viovasvi Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    what kind of stardew terrorist are you? :rofl:
                    • AfrokingJ

                      AfrokingJ Big Damn Hero

                      Hey as a Yandere you do whatever it takes to keep Senpai. And every potential love interest is a threat to be dealt with. Blackmail, Murder, Assault, Threats, Or even getting people arrested under false pretenses. These are the weapons of the Yandere.
                      • viovasvi

                        viovasvi Subatomic Cosmonaut

                        sounds like an episode of the lone ranger i just watched too :p
                        • Simzarian

                          Simzarian Void-Bound Voyager

                          and when all else fails you just end up killing Senpai so nobody else can have them
                          • randomAnon123

                            randomAnon123 Orbital Explorer

                            Giving Psycho!Maru a taste of her own medicine.
                            That would be really awesome, actually. A catfight between psychopaths!

                            You gotta do what you gotta do. And you know, the body isn't going to cool down that fast...
                            I'm so sorry for writing that.
                            • AfrokingJ

                              AfrokingJ Big Damn Hero

                              No no no killing Senpai risks going back to feeling nothing anymore. Before Senpai Yandere was an emotionless automaton just surviving Senpai was like in Dragon Age 2 when Anders managed to reconnect his tranquil friend for a moment. Imagine feeling empty and nothing and then suddenly you can feel feeings and then the thing that made you feel is gone and you might turn back into what you were before.
                              • Simzarian

                                Simzarian Void-Bound Voyager

                                that actually sounds like the setup for a potentially good horror novel
                                • randomAnon123

                                  randomAnon123 Orbital Explorer

                                  I feel like that only applies to Yandere Simulator though - it's the reason Yandere Dev gave for the protagonist's actions, but usually yanderes are (somewhat) well-adjusted members of society until they meet their love interest and then they go cray cray.
                                  I mean, look at School Days, or at Mirai Nikki. Yuno does have a, uh, particular past, but she didn't feel empty. Meanwhile Kotonoha is a normal girl until Makoto decides that he wants to become the protagonist of a harem manga.

                                  What did we learn from this? Always avoid teenage romances. The hormones are gonna screw you over one way or another.
                                  • AfrokingJ

                                    AfrokingJ Big Damn Hero

                                    Always avoid teenagers especially when you're an adult.
                                    • XaviiKinz

                                      XaviiKinz Space Penguin Leader

                                      Probably not going to use this mod (I can never get past the wedding in any of my saves anyway), but you know, it's always nice to see more stuff and more romance options in this game.

                                      EDIT: By the way, I gotta compliment you on those portraits. They look really awesome!
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                                      • randomAnon123

                                        randomAnon123 Orbital Explorer

                                        Sorry for the late reply, but thank you! I'm pretty satisfied of how Jas came out. Vincent less so - he still looks like a younger teen to me, mostly because of his hair.
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                                        • randomAnon123

                                          randomAnon123 Orbital Explorer

                                          *Added walkthrough for the events.

                                          The events can't be triggered out of order (like the vanilla ones), so if you want to see the 4 hearts event you'll first have to see the 2 hearts one.

                                          Opinions on the events (which are always the biggest hurdle in these mods) are much appreciated! Stuff like whether you think they fit Jas' personality or if they feel out of place in this game.

                                          Also, writing the walkthrough was harder than it had any right to be. The code kept messing itself up with no explanation :wtf:

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