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    Yayyy! After a few days of working on this between shifts I finally feel happy enough with it to share.
    I haven't actually played much with it yet, so hopefully no breaking anywhere... Please let me know if you encounter something odd, or typos... lol. (consistent game text is like, my life when it comes to these mods, so pls help me)

    It adds about 120 new lines. I tried my best to keep it pretty close to the base game. There are a few aspects that are made to mesh with Haywrite's Demetrius Overhaul and Karmylla's Immersive Map Edits.

    Included is an edit to Harzelora's Sebastian Portrait, since these are the expressions I've fit the dialogue to. It's not required by any means, but if anything gets sort of an exaggerated expression or something weird, I do not blame myself! LOL. I've edited it slightly to look more pixelated without the feathered bang, and closer to the vanilla game. There's a preview inside the download, though really, it looks similar.

    "I come here for the peace and quiet.I guess it's nice outside sometimes. The basement feels stuffy after too long."
    "I'm not too big on festivals. Lots of commotion, too much social interaction... More stress than fun, if you ask me."
    "Ugh... Tomorrow is the worst festival of the year by a mile. Just wait and see how stupid I look during the flower dance."
    "Um... need something?"
    "Sometimes it's nice to work from home. Everyone grumbles about Monday's, but as long as I hit my deadlines, I can do things on my own time."
    "Have you ever been to the Calico Desert? Ugh, it's terrible, it's always so sunny and hot there."
    "If I just disappeared would it really matter? Sorry, I know I shouldn't talk like that. Everything just feels way too heavy."
    "Did it take you long to adjust to farming from your office job? I wonder if I could adjust to something like that."
    "The girl's dresses for the flower dance actually look kind of nice. I wish the guys got to wear something cooler looking."
    "...People are like stones skipping over the water. Eventually we're going to sink. ...Huh? Sorry... Thinking out loud."
    "Do you ever get to the caves? It's neat down there. I wish I was good with a sword, like you or Abby. I can settle for being an awesome dungeon master, though."
    "Have you ever been to the sewers? When we were kids, Sam and I managed to sneak down there a couple times. Always made up stories about the awful swamp monster and mutant fish. Demetrius wasn't too happy about that, though. Now Gunther's got a lock on there."
    "*sigh* I'm never going to fit in with my family, am I...? Maybe someday I'll feel like I really belong somewhere. Lately I've been thinking I might get there."
    "Hey, @... Er, sorry... I don't really have anything to say. I guess I was spacing there for a second."
    "What am I going to do today? I don't really have plans."
    "You know, it's hard to find someone that actually makes me feel... normal. Having you stop by is like a weight off my shoulders."
    "I think I see you more than my friends lately. That's kinda sad."
    "You and Sam are probably my only friends in this town. We are friends, aren't we?"
    "At first I thought you were crazy, but it's pretty cool you decided to move to Pelican Town."
    "I've been considering trying some online counseling. It couldn't hurt, right?"
    "I've been caring about my health more lately. Wouldn't expect that from me. Surreal, isn't it?"
    "Ah, man. I didn't eat enough today. It's hard to drag myself to the kitchen when nothing seems appetizing."
    "Hey, do you play any instruments? Uh, not asking for any reason. Just curious."
    "How's farming? Everything I make pretty much just exists in a virtual sense. It must be cool to create something you can hold."
    "Uh... Can you back up a little? I don't really know you."
    "There's all kinds of modern tech you can get for a farm these days, huh?"
    "Have you ever played pool? It might be fun to have a new opponent."
    "I wish I was better with words. Oh, thine eyes are like jewels in a country sky, bright and sparkling against a dark world. That was my Elliott impression. Did you like it?... It's not really untrue, though..."
    "What's up, @? I'm in a good mood. My savings fund is getting pretty big now."
    "Do you like where you live? Sometimes Mom talks about how proud she is of the work on your farmhouse. It could be cool living somewhere like that."
    "Hey. Your name is @, right?"
    "It's already Sunday? The weeks go by so fast."
    "Everyone seems to have it in their head I hate the outdoors. Like nobody has considered I just hate it here. When I get to go riding? That's the stuff I live for. And even the beach and mountains are alright when it's not too hot out. ..Sorry. I don't know why I'm telling you this."
    "Sometimes I think twice about not going to college. But when I see what you're doing, I know following your instincts is the best shot we have at being happy. Maybe it's not my business, but I think leaving your job at Joja is the smartest thing you could have done. This town is lucky to have you."
    "It's Sam's birthday today. I've been sitting on a cactus fruit to give him for weeks now. Er-Wait, that didn't come out right..."
    "Mom and Demetrius' go dancing at the saloon every Friday, but Demetrius always specially requests Gus serve bean hotpot on his birthday. I wish they wouldn't go on the same night we play pool... It's kinda embarrassing."
    "Tomorrow we'll all be gathering at the docks to see the migration of the moonlight jellies. I don't know why I even go to a lot of these things, but it does look pretty cool."
    "Everyone is so happy in the sun. I don't get it."
    "Hm? How's it going?"
    "I don't exactly get Sam's obsession with cactus fruits. Have you ever tried to actually eat one? Those things will cut you up."
    "Maru and I butt heads sometimes, but I'm always going to be her big brother."
    "Everyone is so happy when it's sunny out... Different people like different things, I guess."
    "I posted a video of our band online and it has almost 30,000 views now. Pretty cool, huh?"
    "I'm looking forward to the cold, damp season. I feel more at home."
    "Why do you keep trying to talk to me? I never have anything good to say."
    "Well, it's definitely Summer. Everyone just wants to go to the beach all the time... If you catch any Tuna there, you have to try it raw."
    "Do you you could pull a skateboard along with a motorcycle? ...Just asking for a friend."
    "If I ever had a kid, I would hope they know they're free to be whatever they want. People are too pressured into becoming something they're not."
    "What's the point of going outside? It's not worth the hassle."
    "I'm not sure I even own a swimsuit anymore..."
    "Ah hey, @. A new Xeno Quest comes out today!"
    "Did you check out Xeno Quest VI yet? I've been rereading from the start. I have them all, if you ever want to borrow any."
    "I'm so tired of being told to get out more. The heat is miserable."
    "Oh, man. I saw this stupid post the other day. Have you seen the- ...Oh. Wait. Do you even have a computer? Well, I can show you next time we hang out."
    "Sidecars are lame. If someone took you on a motorcycle ride, you'd want to hold them, right?"
    "Oh, hey. *yawn*"
    "Look, nothing personal, but I kind of want to be left alone right now."
    "I wish we didn't live so far out, there's hardly anything to do in this town. I bet you got to see a lot of cool things when you lived in the city."
    "Nobody really ever comes to visit the farm, do they? So... You could do whatever you want there, right? Grow anything? *cough* Uh, nevermind."
    "It's hard to understand people, but I think I'm getting better at coming to terms with how they are."
    "Hey... Thank you. Just, for everything."
    "Did you know frogs shed their skin? That's pretty cool. Can you imagine if we did that?"
    "Do you like tabletop games? I wish I had a regular group to play with."
    "Maru and I are really different people, but I'm starting to think that's alright. It's good to value the connections to your family you do have."
    "I wish I was more help to Sam. It must be hard to have your dad be away for so long. I'm sure it's not the same, but I can relate a little."
    "Ugh... Our whole fridge is full of melon. I can never find anything!"
    "It's amazing my family manages to cook for everyone when they all work. I barely manage to feed myself when I'm working, let alone everyone else.
    "Night time in the summer is actually... kind of nice. Did you know the light of fireflies is a mating signal?"
    "I realized my favorite character in Cave Saga X reminds me a lot of you. No wonder I like you so much."
    "I gave Abigail a quartz for her birthday last year, but it didn't exactly turn out like I expected. ...She ate it."
    "It's my Mom's birthday. It's always hard to find something to give her, but I think I should show my thanks for putting up with me this long."
    "You know, seeing what you've done with that farm is really amazing. Knowing you turned that overgrown mess into something productive is... kinda inspiring. You're going to have a grange display next year, right?"
    "Well, Spirit's Eve is over. I'm looking forward to the snow."
    "So... it's the big harvest season, isn't it?"
    "I wonder if Sam likes working at JojaMart... Maybe it'd be alright. At least nobody ever really goes in there."
    *yawn* Sorry... I was up late reading. I've reread the Solarian Chronicles more times than I can remember, now."
    "I barely remember my dad, now... Do you ever feel that way about your family? I hope you can stay close to the people you care about."
    "Hey. It's really cool that you make the time to check in on me. Running a farm must be hard work."
    "I wish I could open a window in my room and enjoy the cool air. There are advantages and disadvantages to the basement, I guess."
    "I know I moan about pumpkin flavored stuff, but man, is pumpkin soup good. Don't tell anyone I said that, okay?"
    "Oh hey, @. How's the farm life going? Has Maru ever shown you the gadgets she makes? When she shows me her new stuff, it can actually be pretty cool."
    "I had way too much coffee. I've been jittery for hours."
    "Ugh, the bike part I ordered is supposed to take 3 weeks to get here. I bet it would be easy to get in Zuzu City."
    "It's kind of hard to sneak around when your room only has one entrance. ...I have my ways."
    "Have you made a Jack-O-Lantern before? Maru and I try to do one every year."
    "Mm, hey. I'm kind of having a low day. I know I'm not always the best at talking, but I'm really glad you showed up."
    "I've never liked drinking. I guess that's good, Mom said we can't keep alcohol around Demetrius anyway. Oh... Sorry. I probably shouldn't talk about that to you."
    "I want to get better with my keyboard. I'm not great at making myself practice, but I don't want to let the band down."
    "Do you think pumpkin soup is hard to make..?"
    "I think I've grown since we met. Is it noticable to you?"
    "I don't know how so many people are satisfied in the same old routine. I just wish life had something more adventurous to offer."
    "Hey, @. How's it going? ...I've been reading some psychological health studies, and it seems people that make connections with other people are statistically happier. Explains a few things, doesn't it?"
    "The day always feels a little better when you show up. Ugh, sorry, that was gross."
    "I always look forward to the first snow of the year."
    "It's always weird around my birthday. *sigh* Another year in this town."
    "It's freezing in the basement this time of year. Mom keeps telling me she'll redo the electrical down there so I can run a space heater, but she still hasn't. I should just do it myself."
    "Looking back, sometimes I wish my mom had done more about my anger issues... I don't remember ever feeling normal, even as a kid. I guess it's hard to deal with a troubled kid. I am thankful for what she has done for me, though."
    "It's pretty cold. Abigail calls me the ice man. I'd better live up to my name."
    "My hands ache in this weather Harvey says I need to get off the computer more... Seems like everyone tells me that."
    "*grumble* Stupid Fector. ...Sorry. I've was up all night trying to beat Journey of the Prairie King."
    "...Yes? I don't really have anything to say. I don't know you."
    "It was just me and Demetrius at breakfast today... It's so awkward. I wouldn't mind just eating in silence. We don't always have to talk. He doesn't even seem happy with that, though. *sigh* Whether I speak or don't, I just can't win, can I?"
    "It must be freezing in the mines this time of year. The basement is cold enough as it is."
    "Sometimes I wish there was a doctors office I could go where my sister wasn't a nurse... I'm sure Maru would be professional, but you never know what she might see."
    "Hey, @. It's cool when you hang out. Even just the quiet is nice with you."
    "My family all have pretty good heads on their shoulders, don't they? ...I guess I really am the one with the problem. It would be easier for them if I just wasn't around. If I just got away from it all."
    "My father was actually around for my early life. I hardly even remember him now, but it's hard to not imagine what it would be like to have him here. It doesn't help with how close Demetrius and Maru are."
    "Demetrius rubs me the wrong way, but at least it seems like Mom really loves him. ...Even though I still don't understand it. It gives me hope someday I'll find someone that'll be willing to deal with my flaws."
    "Solorian Chronicles just announced a movie. I bet it's going to suck. I hate when companies try to money-grab at something just because it's a big name. ...There'll probably be a midnight release in Zuzu City. It would be fun to go laugh at it, right..?"
    "It's pretty cold, even for me. Do you think we could both fit in my hoodie?"
    "I wish the library carried more books I was interested in. Penny's always reading library books, isn't she? I wonder how she finds anything good."
    "Sometimes I think about getting a pet frog. But then I wouldn't be better than the people who try to put us in cages, would I? Maybe that's close-minded. %pet seems really happy with you."
    "I hate when my family catches me talking to myself... I guess I need to get better at self control if I don't want people to worry about me."
    "Maybe I should try to work out? I can't have you showing me up too much. I always cough up a lung, though..."
    "A few years ago, I never would have believed in life getting much better. It's nice to be proved wrong."
    "You know, I really never imagined my life would be more adventurous because of a farmer. ...No offense to farmers, obviously."

    Edit: Wow... :c I totally messed this sucker up at first. Please redownload, it didn't pack properly!

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      Thank you for associating my mod with yours, I love it when the community works together! :D
      I can't wait to add this to my game, thank you for sharing!!!
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        ok, so how do i active the mod? copy into a folder or how?
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            Hey, thanks a lot! This is a really interesting concept, though I'm not sure I'd be ready to jump into that just yet. Maybe when it gets more up and running I would like to do some though!
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