Modding Help Adding working Doors to Farmhouse?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by お茶Mi's, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. お茶Mi's

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    I was thinking of Remapping my farmhouse.xnb for awhile now
    I'm really new to tIDE, so i've been wondering if it's possible to add a working door to your Farmhouse.
    (Like the NPC's Houses for example)
    without having to do any extreme coding... & that Yourself plus your (Spouse) & (Baby) can walk through it?
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      No idea, but I would LOVE to have working interior doors in my farmhouse. I'm anxious to see what you (or others) come up with!
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      • FieryChaos

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        If you open the other maps (for example SeedShop or the 3D Cellar mod), it's pretty easy to figure out.

        Tile 120 in towninterior - bottom of door, place in buildings layer with property "Action : Door" on the map itself, not in the tilesheet;
        Tile 88 in towninterior - middle/top of door, place in front layer;
        Tile 56 in towninterior- actual top of door, also placed in front layer above Tile 88.

        Then for each door, jot down the coordinates of the bottom of the doors, and add them to the Map Properties as follows -
        "Doors : x y (tilesheet name in TiDE where the door is taken from) (tile ID of bottom of door, in this case and in most cases it's 120)"
        For example, the SeedShop has this in the map properties - "Doors : 13 11 1 120 20 11 1 120 14 16 1 120" - (13 11, 20 11, 14 16 are all the doors; 1 is the name of the towninterior tilesheet in TiDE; 120 is the Tile ID of the bottom part of the door placed in the building layer and with the property "Action : Door")

        If you're still confused, just open up any of the NPC House maps and take a look at what they do. Usually can figure most things out that way, even some things that currently aren't documented in any guides here or that I know of (such as some map/tile properties and uses, among others).
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        • お茶Mi's

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          Thank you so much for explaining, it's a bit confusing but i'll get the hang of it. i'm planning on playing around with the tIDE for a bit so maybe i'll make a Farmhouse remodel mod in the future. ;u; (i'm just wondering if kids can walk through...since they never leave the house)
          • お茶Mi's

            お茶Mi's Big Damn Hero

            Yeah, I totally agree. :^)

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