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Discussion in 'Mods' started by CrazyCatLady.Nic, Jan 12, 2018.

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    Hello awesome peoples!

    I'm just learning how to use the tilesets to recreate/reimagine the maps that are in the game. I do have an updated Foraging and an updated Farm Cave map that I'm trying to figure out how to share (more on that when I get home from work). But I really want to add more to my map, like Foraging, Fishing, and Mining all from the comfort of your farm! But I don't know how to add things to the map like how to add foraging spawns or mining spawns. I've been searching google for like a week now to try and figure out out but I'm hopeless.

    Can anyone tell me or point me to a guide that tells me how to add Fishing and Mining to the Foraging map or Mining and Foraging to the Fishing map (etc.)?

    Thank you!!!
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      CrazyCatLady.Nic Yeah, You!

      Wow... Okay I thought it was going to be as simple as making your own custom map... Uhm... I best leave this to the professionals LOL!

      I did *try* making a mod to add forage to the Farm Cave but it was way too complicated for me... I'm just not good with this kind of stuff.

      Oh well! That's okay! I DID make my own map :D So we'll see where I go from here :catxD:

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