Adding Birds as Custom Critters

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Lemurkat, Jan 8, 2020.

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    I'm wanting to create a mod called "Seasonal Birdwatching".

    So far I've managed to upload my birds using Content Patcher to edit the original files, which lets the game call on my images when it feels like it, but I'd like to set my own variables that are not bound to the original bird spawn rules.

    I've downloaded Custom Critters, and I've added some butterfly packs, but there do not appear to be any bird packs, and I'm a bit in the dark as to how to adjust the variables for their behaviour.

    Is anybody able to help? Ideally I'd like them to behave as the birds in the actual game do: with them pecking the ground and flying when you get too close.

    The sprites are all basically recolors of the original little brown bird and the crested blue bird.

    So far my modding experience has been editing Json files for Content Patcher, designing sprites, and scripting events. I have no knowledge of C# but am willing to try and learn the basics. Also I am pretty good at the old cut n paste!

    Here's my recolored sprite sheet of Blue Jay, Tree Sparrow, Robin Red Breast, Cardinal and Bluebird. Just so you can see what I'm doing :)

    Regards SpringBirds.png
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      I love the idea :D

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