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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by sayter, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    without some idea of what you did, I don't know. You missed something, or it would be working.

    celestial file needs editing
    terrestrial_worlds needs TWO entries for each biome
    the main biome file
    the parallax if using your own
    the celestial/horizons/ stuff for each biome (liquids, horizon graphic etc)

    and then any odds and ends mentioned in the tutorial
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  2. deliriousbiznasty

    deliriousbiznasty Pangalactic Porcupine

    thank you! I guess i'll go and check everything again xD I'm more of an artist than a coder...
  3. deliriousbiznasty

    deliriousbiznasty Pangalactic Porcupine

    Dear everyone,

    I made some progress with the mod but sadly I'm stuck again.
    I get the error "Fatal Exception caught: (JsonException) No such key in Json::get("tentaclenew")"

    (I'm trying to recreate the old tentacle biome with some tweaks of my own, for a bigger mod of mine)

    I looked through all my files and made sure to check them with this JSON validator http://jsonlint.com/
    and they all appear to be valid. I could upload the files of my mod if needed?

    Here is my log

    Start logging at: 2016-01-04 12:51:08.749
    [12:51:08.749] Info: Star::Root using bootstrap file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\win32\sbboot.config'
    [12:51:08.749] Info: Star::Root using storage directory 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\giraffe_storage\'
    [12:51:08.749] Info: Preparing Star::Root...
    [12:51:08.750] Info: Detected mod 'Amethystumns FloranHairPack' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\Amethystumns FloranHairPack\.'
    [12:51:08.750] Info: Detected mod 'Tentacle Biome' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\tentacle biome\.'
    [12:51:08.750] Info: Detected mod 'Star Wars Armor' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\starwarsarmor\.'
    [12:51:08.750] Info: Loading Configuration with config file: 'starbound.config'
    [12:51:08.750] Info: Loading Star::Configuration from 'Just (.\..\giraffe_storage\starbound.config)'
    [12:51:08.751] Info: Writing Star::Configuration to '.\..\giraffe_storage\starbound.config'
    [12:51:08.753] Info: Initializing Star::Root with 5 assets sources
    [12:51:08.753] Info: Done preparing Star::Root.
    [12:51:08.753] Info: Client Version 'Beta v. Glad Giraffe - Update 3' Revision: 30555b17a491c2a97ab0afbff3b848a1fd937dbd Protocol: 711
    [12:51:08.753] Info: Initialized SDL
    [12:51:08.768] Info: Initialized SDL Video
    [12:51:08.774] Info: Initialized SDL Joystick
    [12:51:08.775] Info: Initialized SDL Sound
    [12:51:08.784] Info: Opened default audio device with 44khz / 16 bit stereo audio, 2048 sample size buffer
    [12:51:08.784] Info: Loading Assets
    [12:51:08.784] Info: Loading assets from: '../assets/packed.pak'
    [12:51:08.785] Info: Loading assets from: '../assets/user'
    [12:51:08.785] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\Amethystumns FloranHairPack\.'
    [12:51:08.785] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\tentacle biome\.'
    [12:51:08.785] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\starwarsarmor\.'
    [12:51:09.084] Info: Done loading Assets in 0.3 seconds
    [12:51:09.089] Info: Loading NameGenerator
    [12:51:09.090] Info: Initializing SDL Window
    [12:51:09.095] Info: Done loading NameGenerator in 0.00600004 seconds
    [12:51:09.095] Info: Loading ObjectDatabase
    [12:51:09.510] Info: Created initial window 1000x600
    [12:51:09.521] Info: Renderer initialized
    [12:51:09.523] Info: Renderer destroyed
    [12:51:09.523] Info: Initializing SDL Window
    [12:51:09.547] Info: Re-created window 1858x1057
    [12:51:09.566] Info: Renderer initialized
    [12:51:09.566] Info: Loading ImageMetadataDatabase
    [12:51:09.566] Info: Done loading ImageMetadataDatabase in 0 seconds
    [12:51:09.699] Info: Done loading ObjectDatabase in 0.604 seconds
    [12:51:09.699] Info: Loading PlantDatabase
    [12:51:09.800] Info: Done loading PlantDatabase in 0.101 seconds
    [12:51:09.801] Info: Loading ProjectileDatabase
    [12:51:10.341] Info: Done loading ProjectileDatabase in 0.54 seconds
    [12:51:10.341] Info: Loading MonsterDatabase
    [12:51:10.570] Info: Done loading MonsterDatabase in 0.229 seconds
    [12:51:10.570] Info: Loading NpcDatabase
    [12:51:10.621] Info: Done loading NpcDatabase in 0.0510001 seconds
    [12:51:10.621] Info: Loading StagehandDatabase
    [12:51:10.622] Info: Done loading StagehandDatabase in 0.000999928 seconds
    [12:51:10.622] Info: Loading VehicleDatabase
    [12:51:10.625] Info: Done loading VehicleDatabase in 0.00200009 seconds
    [12:51:10.625] Info: Loading PlayerFactory
    [12:51:10.628] Info: Done loading PlayerFactory in 0.00300002 seconds
    [12:51:10.628] Info: Loading EntityFactory
    [12:51:10.628] Info: Loading VersioningDatabase
    [12:51:10.629] Info: Done loading VersioningDatabase in 0.000999928 seconds
    [12:51:10.629] Info: Done loading EntityFactory in 0.000999928 seconds
    [12:51:10.629] Info: Loading ItemDatabase
    [12:51:13.753] Info: Writing Star::Configuration to '.\..\giraffe_storage\starbound.config'
    [12:51:14.679] Info: Loading FunctionDatabase
    [12:51:14.697] Info: Done loading FunctionDatabase in 0.0179999 seconds
    [12:51:14.700] Info: Loading ParticleDatabase
    [12:51:14.778] Info: Done loading ParticleDatabase in 0.079 seconds
    [12:51:17.543] Info: Done loading ItemDatabase in 6.914 seconds
    [12:51:17.544] Info: Loading MaterialDatabase
    [12:51:17.664] Info: Done loading MaterialDatabase in 0.12 seconds
    [12:51:17.664] Info: Loading TerrainDatabase
    [12:51:17.700] Info: Done loading TerrainDatabase in 0.036 seconds
    [12:51:17.700] Info: Loading BiomeDatabase
    [12:51:17.755] Info: Done loading BiomeDatabase in 0.0550001 seconds
    [12:51:17.755] Info: Loading LiquidsDatabase
    [12:51:17.757] Info: Done loading LiquidsDatabase in 0.00199986 seconds
    [12:51:17.757] Info: Loading StatusEffectDatabase
    [12:51:17.775] Info: Done loading StatusEffectDatabase in 0.0180001 seconds
    [12:51:17.775] Info: Loading DamageDatabase
    [12:51:17.928] Info: Done loading DamageDatabase in 0.153 seconds
    [12:51:17.928] Info: Loading EffectSourceDatabase
    [12:51:17.941] Info: Done loading EffectSourceDatabase in 0.013 seconds
    [12:51:17.941] Info: Loading TreasureDatabase
    [12:51:17.973] Info: Done loading TreasureDatabase in 0.0320001 seconds
    [12:51:17.973] Info: Loading DungeonDefinitions
    [12:51:18.295] Info: Done loading DungeonDefinitions in 0.322 seconds
    [12:51:18.295] Info: Loading TilesetDatabase
    [12:51:18.296] Info: Done loading TilesetDatabase in 0.000999928 seconds
    [12:51:18.296] Info: Loading EmoteProcessor
    [12:51:18.296] Info: Done loading EmoteProcessor in 0 seconds
    [12:51:18.296] Info: Loading SpeciesDatabase
    [12:51:18.303] Info: Done loading SpeciesDatabase in 0.00699997 seconds
    [12:51:18.303] Info: Loading QuestTemplateDatabase
    [12:51:18.326] Info: Done loading QuestTemplateDatabase in 0.023 seconds
    [12:51:18.326] Info: Loading AiDatabase
    [12:51:18.337] Info: Done loading AiDatabase in 0.0110002 seconds
    [12:51:18.337] Info: Loading TechDatabase
    [12:51:18.347] Info: Done loading TechDatabase in 0.00999999 seconds
    [12:51:18.347] Info: Loading CodexDatabase
    [12:51:18.461] Info: Done loading CodexDatabase in 0.114 seconds
    [12:51:18.461] Info: Loading BehaviorDatabase
    [12:51:18.530] Info: Done loading BehaviorDatabase in 0.069 seconds
    [12:51:18.530] Info: Loading DanceDatabase
    [12:51:18.532] Info: Done loading DanceDatabase in 0.00200009 seconds
    [12:51:18.532] Info: Loading SpawnTypeDatabase
    [12:51:18.540] Info: Done loading SpawnTypeDatabase in 0.0079999 seconds
    [12:51:18.542] Info: Done fully loading Star::Root
    [12:51:18.560] Info: Renderer destroyed
    [12:51:19.165] Info: Shutting down Star::Root
    [12:51:19.315] Error: Fatal Exception caught: (JsonException) No such key in Json::get("tentaclenew")
    Thank you!
  4. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    you havent defined "tentaclenew". That is why you are having that error. It can't generate what doesn't exist.

    Chances are you missed a single entry somewhere, leaving it as an older value. It's a common error, and has happened to me more than a few billion times :)

    good job on linting your code though. always a good idea. Sadly, linting doesn't check definitions , so that still needs manually doing.

    i'd start at the top of the .biome file and make sure youve named it "tentaclenew"

    and then doing the same in any place that you are calling on the biome to generate.

    and especially in the terrestrial_worlds file
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  5. deliriousbiznasty

    deliriousbiznasty Pangalactic Porcupine

    Thank you so much! this is a great help, I had no idea where to start :rofl: Lovely guide, btw. Very clear and to the point!
  6. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    got your shit fixed up?
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  7. deliriousbiznasty

    deliriousbiznasty Pangalactic Porcupine

    not yet.. i checked every entry of the name but couldn't find any mistakes! I'm looking into it later again
  8. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    chances are, its something super-simple you forgot to change.

    Possible: you've set the celestial file to spawn it, but forgotten an entry for it in the terrestrial_worlds file. Thus, it tries to spawn it and then goes "uh...except that you haven't told me HOW to generate it".

    I'd start there.
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  9. Reotip

    Reotip Big Damn Hero

  10. deliriousbiznasty

    deliriousbiznasty Pangalactic Porcupine

    I fixed it! Get this: I misspelled the patch file for the terrestrial_worlds file. Forgot an r.
  11. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    and there you have it. welcome to scripting. That'll happen more than you'd like :)
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  12. Narwhalman13

    Narwhalman13 Void-Bound Voyager

    Is there a way to change the frequency in which these will spawn. I've gotten no errors, but I'm having trouble finding one(and I'm using a brand new universe).
  13. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    Ah, that's the big pain in the ass, right there. You have to rely on random gen.

    there are two ways to approach this. One, set celestial.config to ONLY spawn your biome around the star types so that they always appear for you.

    the other, the way i usually do it, is just set the White (Gentle) stars to spawn only that type of biome. Afterwards, set it back to how it was.
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  14. XFloraoX

    XFloraoX Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Can you gimme steps on how to make planet mods pls? :poptop:

  15. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    Did you... read the tutorial?
  16. XFloraoX

    XFloraoX Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Yeeeeeeesss, but I didnt understand ANY of it......

    ......pls help
  17. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

  18. XFloraoX

    XFloraoX Scruffy Nerf-Herder

  19. XFloraoX

    XFloraoX Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Is there an easier way to make this? ●3●
  20. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    No. Which is why if you are new to modding, you do not start with biomes :)

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