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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nimster, Mar 10, 2019.

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    I've noticed a couple things missing from the event editor + some suggestions for other useful stuff to add.
    So you can't put voicelines into custom maps outside of cutscenes. The main campaign does this all the time and it annoys me how stale the interactions feel between the quiet dialogue boxes. Another thing related to that is that there are too few facial expressions for those dialogue boxes. There are no icons for a normal soldier for example, while in the main campaign there are icons for both a regular Cherrystone soldier and Heavensong soldier. I also feel like adding an "angry" expression would would make a lot of people happy. I think Caesar is the only one that has that in his "extra" expression while pretty much all other commanders just have their "happy" expression there.
    And one more thing that would make my life and current project so much easier would be to have a "when: start of unit turn" as a condition. I'm trying to make a scenario where the player has 8 lives and loses a life for every unit lost. My current method is to have a counter "lives" that keeps track of the mistakes and then a separate event for every life situation. The conditions are "is map counter: lives exactly 8?" and "Ant unit owned by Player 1 is lost at Any location". As an action I would then do have something happen on the map and then "modify map counter: lives subtract 1". You'd think that this would work just fine, right? Well for some reason the game doesn't remove the "Any unit lost" part from its brain after the actions are made, so all the other events for life loss trigger as well as soon as the counter is changed, creating a domino effect that instantly defeats the player. I've tried so many things but I can't get past this problem, the domino effect always happens. So a "when: start of unit turn" would solve this as (hopefully) the game lets an action happen in between the events (the unit moves). Hopefully this would have the game disregard the first unit lost for future equations, as it does when I made a version that takes away lives the same way but limited to only one life per turn. If anyone has a solution, please tell me, this is driving me nuts.
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