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  1. Murplesman

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    I wrote this because this is something that has bugged me like crazy in the new versions! I have explained in other posts that this is annoying and doesn't match the general atmosphere of Starbound. You shouldn't be running around murdering every animal you see, while on a beautiful planet with peaceful music. The old system of about half of the animals being passive was great! I hope you guys agree and this gets passed on to the devs.
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  2. Lichen

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    I think YOU are the one who should be passive, i kinda wish for hidden mechanism for sins or karma for your action decide the temperament from different monster and NPC.
  3. Murplesman

    Murplesman Void-Bound Voyager

    Might be hard to implement. If they do decide to do that, I would still rather they go back to the old passive system while they worked on something like that.
  4. ShinigamiX

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    I like this suggestion.

    Though another way to go about making monsters passive is some kind of tech or backpack device that would cause monsters to be passive until you attack them.
  5. Sharp(JQ)

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    The problem is that passive creatures no different from the aggressive creatures.
  6. Thalant

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    ??? I don't know what you mean. Passive creatures don't attack/do damage. Agressive ones attack you on sight.
    I'd like to see passive creatures sometimes as well. It's kinda unlikely that every single creature in the universe (not counting critters) are bloodthirsty monsters.
  7. Sharp(JQ)

    Sharp(JQ) Ketchup Robot


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