Add metal detectors!

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Is adding metal detectors a good idea?

  1. Hell yeah it is!

  2. No, sounds stupid and unoriginal...

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  1. Gulden

    Gulden Space Hobo

    Metal detector pixel.jpg
    What I love about Stardew Valley is the amount of different cool items, minerals/stones, fish ext. you can find in this game. I always get excited when I find something rare or cool. It's always a mystery what you will find next while mining, fishing or growing random seeds.
    So I had this cool idea (according to me and my brother) about adding something that will add even more cool stuff to find and discover: a metal detector! Imagen exploring the woods or the beach with a metal detector and finding a lot of junk, but once in a while a cool jewel or decoration to put in your house. Extra possibilities are different tiers of metal detectors, being able to remelt items like cans, spoons or (rarely) a golden bracelet. Of course, it would make sense to find coins laying around but the idea of finding some treasure would always sound awesome to me!

    What do you guys think about this idea? Cause I sure love the sound of it!

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