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Discussion in 'Other' started by Buttouchington, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. Buttouchington

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    I apologize in advanced if I am using the incorrect format or wrong topic, will adjust if I need to :)

    Since the addition of the Collections Library I have been having a good ol' time finding all the fossils and fishing and cooking. I have entire walls of the trophies and bug jars and a nice little aquarium as well!
    However I've come to really want to start another collection after I've been gathering so many different things.I was ecstatic when the relocator was added to the game. I could finally catch all the cute little critters I had seen in different biomes. But it got me really wanting to have a similar way of displaying them as I would with the fossils and bugs.

    The Pet station seems currently a bit empty: capture pod, pet tether, pet healing station. Perhaps to give it more uses, it could act similar to how the fossil station has craftable displays for the various sizes of fossils. Adding craftable containers for the critters, such as terrariums, aquariums, cages, and so on to show off the little cuties. Similar to how when you complete a fossil display, once you place a critter in one of these containers, it becomes a whole item. Getting fun little blurbs about the critters I think would be a very nice addition as well :)
  2. M_Sipher

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    I'm totes for this.
  3. JCUnown

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    weeeell... i just made a critter collection (it was tedious af to create) for my mod, which lets you capture critters in the same way as bugs, and the mod also will add craftable terrariums, cages, etc. but it's only on steam (when i release, probably a beta coming around this weekend) at least until i figure out how to work forum stuff.

    k bye
  4. General Nuclear

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    I miss being able to capture critters.

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