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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by JackingUp13, Nov 10, 2017.

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    well, im trying to do my first mod, and i try and TRY realy hard, but i need help with only one thing than i cannot do, how i can put a altability on my sword? like, aways i try using other modpack from base to see how i can do it, and ctrl C ctrlV the altability slot, it crash the game and if i remove, it work as well, but without the ability.

    realy, have a normal broadsword on starbound its the same than danger, and i'm planing something like a big weapon pack, but to do it i should study more and solve tis problem.

    AAAnd another problem than im facing with, its the weapon position, or hand position, OK u get the idea. i made beauty sword (for the first try kk) , but when i come in the game, the character its holding the sword by blade,like, the sword itself have +64 frames, and the char hold the sword 30 frames from right, doing he hold the blade.
    And change picture isnt a good option because the intention its the sword be a little more big than standard starbound swords, so... i have to found a way to fix it programing, or using another base from the .activeitem sword file....

    so... in short, i need a way to change the position of the broadsword regarding the character in .activeitems(or another file, i have no idea kk),and the sword is need to be greater than the rest (so i cannot change .png file)
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