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    Do you ever have such a busy day planned with various things to do in the town, you just simply forget? WELL, what if on the side where the map and date are shown there was a button to open a list (you know a generic, lined paper)

    It can be used to plan out your day, as a shopping list, or just jot down important information.

    For example:

    - Buy some potatoes
    - Bring gift to the Wizard and claim the reward
    - Decorate bedroom

    Add a cute little sound effect of a paper page turning to make it complete and your set!

    I know there are other ways to jot things down like a Word document, or real life paper but I thought this would be an extra simple, useful tool for the game! :lickitung:
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    • Exhibitioner

      Exhibitioner And Do the MONKEY!

      I too think this could be quite useful!

      I currently jot down notes of what I'm planning to do the next day in notepad, however this can sometimes be quite distracting as I have to constantly switch between the game and external programs. :rofl:
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