Modding Help Add a quest to the Tech Scientist in the Outpost [SOLVED]

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by GonDragon, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. GonDragon

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    Hi! I'm making a small mod, it's almost done, I just need to do one more thing.

    I need to append a mission to a NPC in the Outpost, to Elliott in particular. Elliot is the Scientist that gives to you the missions to unlock the Techs. I already made the quest, I just need to assign it to him, but I don't know how.

    I made a small patch to append the mission to a NPC:
    {"op" : "add", "path" : "/scriptConfig/offeredQuests/-", "value" : "techscientistMMU"},
    {"op" : "add", "path" : "/scriptConfig/turnInQuests/-", "value" : "techscientistMMU"}
    I tested it assigning it to the "Silent Glitch Knight", and works perfect. Now, I don't know how to assigning it to the Tech Scientist, i didn't found his NPC in the assets. The closest one that I finded, it's "outpostapexscientist", but it's not him. Someone could help me with this, please? Thanks!
  2. Sparklink

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    Elliott is actually an object made to look like an Apex scientist NPC.
    You can find it in objects/outpost/techlab/techlabscientist.object. Be careful that you do not confuse the similarly named techlabscientistshop.object that seems to be an unused object that sells you tech consoles.
  3. GonDragon

    GonDragon Pangalactic Porcupine

    Thanks!! Now the mod works perfectly!

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