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Acrid/Miner/Han-D in Multiplayer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Stovepipes, Nov 15, 2013.

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  1. Stovepipes

    Stovepipes Void-Bound Voyager

    Could someone confirm that any of these 3 classes actually can be unlocked in multiplayer? I haven't seen any of their respective unlock areas appear outside of single player, and I'm wondering whether the unlock is bugged.

    Also, even if you can unlock these classes, will these specific areas still appear if the host has unlocked them?
    • Vahnkiljoy

      Vahnkiljoy Ketchup Robot

      The map layouts still appear yes, but getting them, impossible. :(
      • sparkocm

        sparkocm Void-Bound Voyager

        As far as I know they would not appear in Multi-player, since their spawn is required to come with an "object" in the world, which to be honest I haven't seen in my several runs with my brother. Once again I could be wrong though.
        • tristonic98

          tristonic98 Space Hobo

          I was hosting a game with one other person in it and I unlocked the miner but he didn't :S But it definitely spawned. Han-D I have never seen in multiplayer though, Acrid I believe I have but I can't say for certain.
          • Aeronaut

            Aeronaut Pangalactic Porcupine

            I can confirm that the Miner, as mentioned above, can be gotten in multiplayer, but it appears to be a bit buggy. The host of the game did not have the character (but I did), and we found the area. I got there first and there was nothing on my screen, but he said the boss was there and indeed killed it and unlocked the Miner while I just stood there, unable to see or interact with it.

            HAN-D and Acrid do not seem to spawn in multiplayer at all. I've gone through multiple games checking the correct areas, and their respective containers just simply don't appear.
            • DJFlare84

              DJFlare84 Spaceman Spiff

              That's wierd. I had the same issue you had with the Miner, but I HADN'T obtained him.

              I saw the object there, but I didn't have the jetpacks to get up on the cliff to interact with it or anything. Didn't see a boss, neither.
              • tristonic98

                tristonic98 Space Hobo

                You don't need to get to the ship, sometimes a boss spawns there, one of the big fire breathing lizards from levels 5 and 6 and when you kill him you get him. He doesn't spawn every time though, even if the tunnel did.
                • Stormquake

                  Stormquake Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  You can't. I had Miner denied from me twice this way.
                  • Pranusha

                    Pranusha Intergalactic Tourist

                    Hello, I think you can get some help from here. thank you.
                    • Pangaea

                      Pangaea Forum Moderator

                      @Pranusha Please note the date. Necro-posts are only allowed if you remain on topic and the topic is still relevant. In addition, your link is for Risk of Rain 2 whilst this thread was about the original Risk of Rain.

                      Going to lock this.
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