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Notice Account Confirmation Help Thread

Discussion in 'General Forum Help' started by Ordona, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. MegaNutz

    MegaNutz Space Hobo

    Hello im having some problem conforming my account through email Please send me the email thank you !!!
  2. lupinfox

    lupinfox Space Hobo

    i put com instead of co.uk so i cant validate.
  3. Remmock

    Remmock Tentacle Wrangler

    Hello, I cannot activate my account as I am not receiving the e-mail. It has been nearly 24 hours since the first attempt at resend and have attempted several resends. Could someone kindly activate my account?
  4. CozyTitan

    CozyTitan Space Spelunker

    Can I get a manual account confirmation, please?
  5. CozyTitan

    CozyTitan Space Spelunker

    Done, took 1 hour.
  6. tanthis

    tanthis Intergalactic Tourist

    same here can
    same here cant sigh up at all
  7. Valse

    Valse Space Hobo

    No luck receiving my confirmation email yet :( I've resent it twice so far.
  8. Talarski20

    Talarski20 Space Hobo

    I have not received my confirmation email. I have a sbcglobal.net ending. And is the only email I have. My issue in the game is the screen is not fixed for the iPhone X’s notch. I can not get to any of my tools! Thanks!!
  9. Jamist

    Jamist Space Hobo

    Hi, I’m also not receiving an email confirmation message. Can you help?
  10. DragonFireMC

    DragonFireMC Orbital Explorer

    I can't activate my account. The email isn't being received.
  11. Alawren

    Alawren Space Spelunker

    I also never received an email confirmation message and so cannot activate my account. Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. kratosdivine

    kratosdivine Space Hobo

    I haven't received the confirmation email yet and I've tried resending it.
  13. ambrosiarecipe

    ambrosiarecipe Space Hobo

    i haven't received the email yet, and i've tried resending it
  14. DankeyKang7

    DankeyKang7 Space Hobo

    Unable to confirm email, tried resending and still haven't received it.
  15. PencilLead

    PencilLead Seal Broken

    My email never came. Any help is greatly appreciated
  16. KrisRose1234

    KrisRose1234 Space Hobo

    I have been trying for days and it will not work
  17. please activate my account.
  18. hrwatts

    hrwatts Yeah, You!

    I never got my email and would like to be confirmed, please.
  19. batmanatee77

    batmanatee77 Space Hobo

    Confirmation email not received. I've waited about half an hour.
  20. Remmock

    Remmock Tentacle Wrangler

    Can't confirm. Need help. Been days.

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