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Notice Account Confirmation Help Thread

Discussion in 'General Forum Help' started by Ordona, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. Austin283874

    Austin283874 Intergalactic Tourist

    No confirmation email. Resent multiple times
  2. Tigercub-D

    Tigercub-D Space Spelunker

    Same as above =__= Please help!
  3. jagonchen

    jagonchen Space Hobo

    I can't Activate the account. I'm not getting the email. Thank you.
  4. kaijuguts

    kaijuguts Space Hobo

    Hi, I haven't received an email yet.
    Thanks in advance!
  5. moweep

    moweep Intergalactic Tourist

    i also haven't received an email. help, please!
  6. Hel

    Hel Johto Champion Forum Moderator

    All done
  7. chrislynn

    chrislynn Yeah, You!

    Hello, I have resent the email request but still have not received it. Can you please help. Thank you.
  8. bpotassio

    bpotassio Space Spelunker

    I've also been resending the confirmation and the email doesn't come.
  9. vibekei

    vibekei Space Spelunker

    hi, im also unable to activate my account. thanks
  10. TanteMia

    TanteMia Space Hobo

    I can't activate my account, because I never recieved the Confirmation Email.
    I already checked if it was correctly spelled and there were no mistakes.
  11. Spooky Man

    Spooky Man Space Hobo

    i havent gotten an activation email, everything was spelled correctly
  12. Orokanaa

    Orokanaa Space Hobo

    It says

    • @aol.com
    • @sbcglobal.net
    • @freenet.de
    are all having trouble with verification, but I'm using gmail and still not getting it.
  13. tariqk

    tariqk Orbital Explorer

    Hello! It's been a long time since I asked for confirmation, yet I'm still not confirmed. Is there a problem? Let me know so I can solve it!
  14. waiting about hour and still haven't got my e-mail
  15. MaZTaT

    MaZTaT Space Hobo

    Im not getting the email please help
  16. Dreamlord1024

    Dreamlord1024 Space Hobo

    Hello, i also cant confirm my account as i dont get any email
  17. BeardedBrit

    BeardedBrit Space Hobo

    Not getting the email either :)
  18. BeardedBrit

    BeardedBrit Space Hobo

    Update: I got the email but now it's telling me that my account couldn't be confirmed :/
  19. HungrySohma

    HungrySohma Space Hobo

    After 15 mins, I resent the email invitation but unfortunately it doesnt seem to be going through and I am unable to activate my account.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated ^_^
  20. RoVoLo

    RoVoLo Space Hobo

    No confirmation mail either.

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