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Notice Account Confirmation Help Thread

Discussion in 'General Forum Help' started by Ordona, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. WickedOneTwo

    WickedOneTwo Space Hobo

    I can't get the Confirmation Email please help.
  2. WickedOneTwo

    WickedOneTwo Space Hobo

    sry for the problem i already got the confirmation
  3. azulabstrato

    azulabstrato Guest

    plz send me the E mail i´ve been waiting for more then a month
  4. yomate1

    yomate1 Space Hobo

    i can't download stuff :catcry:
  5. RockyWaist

    RockyWaist Space Hobo

    I can't confirm my account. The emails sometimes do not arrive and when they do it throws up an error.

    I would like access to some of the mods, please.
  6. Banichkov

    Banichkov Mop

    i have been resending and resending my email all night but there is no email
  7. Still no confirmation email.
    Help please?
    Many thanks.

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