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Notice Account Confirmation Help Thread

Discussion in 'General Forum Help' started by Ordona, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. CraftyKake

    CraftyKake Aquatic Astronaut

    Hey there, I never recived my confirmation Email, my email is [retracted by Hel] verizon doesn't provide email service anymore but my email still works. I hope this canbe fixed soon
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  2. JGould417

    JGould417 Space Hobo

    I registered yesterday morning and I have not received the email to activate my account yet. I did confirm that my email is correct in my account. Thank you in advance for your help!
  3. GreensCreekClan

    GreensCreekClan Intergalactic Tourist

    Like others, I am not receiving the email with the link to confirm my account. Can you please add me manually, so I can use the Stardew Valley forums? Thanks.
  4. Hedgehog1121

    Hedgehog1121 Space Hobo

    I'm not getting the verification email like everyone else.
  5. Luna86

    Luna86 Space Hobo

    I am not getting the verification email, I looked in my junk mail and my regular email.
  6. ljb864

    ljb864 Space Hobo

    Hi I am not getting my verification email its been about 6 hours since i signed up thanks for any help
  7. SparkleQueen

    SparkleQueen Space Spelunker

    I am not getting my confirmation email. Please help me activate my account. Thank you! :)
  8. prechiken

    prechiken Guest

    I can't activate my account. Can you activate it? Thanks
  9. Hel

    Hel Johto Champion Lv. 141 Forum Moderator

    Activated, but if I was you I'd make a new email with another domain. One that works.

    I would also advise against pubically displaying your email, regardless whether it works or not

    Dones. Everyone should be ok now
  10. Jimmy McHamsteak

    Jimmy McHamsteak Intergalactic Tourist

    I am also having the issue of my confirmation email failing to send.
  11. Hel

    Hel Johto Champion Lv. 141 Forum Moderator

    You should be good to go now
  12. DrAg0

    DrAg0 Space Hobo

    I registered roundabout 1 1/2 days ago but sadly have not received the confirmation email yet.
  13. Fayzen

    Fayzen Space Hobo

    I registered, too. No E-Mail in my Mail Account.
  14. Natoruyo

    Natoruyo Space Hobo

    Hey, i'm still waiting for my confirmation e-mail :/
  15. Hilytios

    Hilytios Guest

    #Gotnomailfromyou pls send it this time .-.
  16. Hel

    Hel Johto Champion Lv. 141 Forum Moderator

    You're already good to go

    You guys should be alright now

    Your account is no longer an account
  17. DrAg0

    DrAg0 Space Hobo

    That's because 3 days later (in other words 2 days ago) I furiously tried some other (also definitely working) email adresses.
    On the first few the email was nowhere to be found. Not even in the spam folder on the server.

    General tip: use another email adress instead of "continously bashing your head against the door".
  18. Fayzen

    Fayzen Space Hobo

    Thanks for the fast and good support :)
  19. Crimson15

    Crimson15 Space Hobo

    Hello i registered account but did not recieve verification email (tried to resent it multiple times).
  20. Simsalaclonk

    Simsalaclonk Space Hobo

    Since I have an AOL account, I assume that's the reason I haven't gotten a confirmation e-mail - if someone could activate my account manually, that would be great, thank you :D

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