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    Before reading: If you're new to the game a lot of this probably won't make any sense to you. This discussion contains spoilers of the game, please be aware.

    Hey guys,
    I just wondered something out of the blue..
    So, I recently divorced Sam as I talked about in a previous dicussion.
    Now I've married Abigail and at first I wondered:''I have two kids, when you and your spouse have kids they sometimes talk about them as their own, will your new spouse do that as well despite not being their parent?'' I have not find an answer to that, YET.

    Then I thought of something.
    When you delete your ex-spouses memory of the marriage you two had, (so you're capable of becoming friends again) then that must mean the marriage never existed to anybody in the valley, right?
    Then.. what will the valley think.. or your new spouse in specific, of you having two children?
    Will they have a fake memory of them always being there from the start, or will your new spouse have fake memories of being the mother or father of the two children?

    Now that I think even more about this.
    Is this what may have happened to the memories of Abigails parents..? Since it appears to be that the wizard is the biological father of Abigail. It's stated that Abigail does not remember dye-ing her hair purple, Pierre thinks Abigail doesn't look like him and even wonders if he is the father and Caroline stated that she used to go too the Wizard Tower in secret.

    What if they simply can't put the puzzle pieces together because of memory loss? But that would mean the witch would have taken a part in that. Since you need to make an offering to her to delete your ex-spouses memory. But why? It seems the reason why the witch and wizard divorced was because the wizard made a stupid mistake, probbaaabblyyy cheating on her with Caroline was this mistake.

    Why would the witch delete the family their memory...? Maybe despite being filled with hatred, she realized this should be kept as a ''dirty little secret''....

    What are your thoughts on this?


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