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    Hello guys ! I'm coming with new suggestions.

    Capture pods are one of my favorite feature ! I love being able to catch and train those monsters when they are so many, it's crazy ! I got a big collection !

    But, there's some limits, that's why I wanted to tell you about two things that I'm wishing the most about it :
    - Stats : A visible statistics page would be so lovely. To compared creatures and to get a better idea of their evolution (actually damages show their power).
    - Unresetable position : Yesterday I wanted to do some building, a big zoo where I could show all my creatures in separate rooms. But I'm familiar with building game and never start without some experiments. Then, I created a closed room on a planet with a random monster in it (coming from another planet to be recognizable. I teleported to my ship and came back. He was still there, no worry. I did the same thing and get the same result after traveling a little bit in space. But when I "Save & quit" then go back, my creature were teleported to my spawn point on the planet. So my building idea is actually impossible and it makes me kind of sad, but I'll be patient !

    Thank you again for your great works and see ya !

    Edit : Even if i'm just walking on the planet, the creature teleports to me, I just forget this on the moment ^^
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