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    Mayor Lewis probably does really important things for the town; but what we've seen is him making gold statues of himself and having secret visits to Marnie. He also leaves the community center to decay instead of fixing it himself, and making us, the newcomer, do it for him. So I think it's safe to question his authority and have the option to run against him as an event. You'd have to have a certain relationship with the townsfolk to win the election and complete one of the endings, (joja or community center) but the reward would be similar to ordinances in animal crossing, like making business boom, you'd get more money for things but have to pay more, a nature helper, which would make all foraging items gold quality and increase spawn rates, and a luck booster which would greatly increases chances of lucky days. These effects would be pretty huge, so the price to activate and switch between them should be too. This should also unlock cutscenes for Lewis and Marnie's relationship since Lewis is not mayor anymore. There could also be more community upgrades unlocked with becoming mayor but I have no ideas for what they could be
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