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Bug/Issue Abigail gets Jealous Over Getting a Gift!?

Discussion in 'Support' started by ChaosInClarity, May 21, 2016.

  1. ChaosInClarity

    ChaosInClarity Aquatic Astronaut

    Sure by now this bug has popped up and I've seen various threads over all date-able NPC's. But since this was my first real bug encounter figure I should report it.

    Couple days ago, gave Abigail the mermaid amulet and ect ect, marriage in 3 days time. I've read that Abigail will get jealous when you attempt to gift others. Which is stupid if there's achievement for 10 hearting everyone.

    BUT I decided to gift Abigail an amethyst. See what kind of response would be given after proposing and then offering a gift. I was greeted by this --->


    I presume the game uses a simple grab 'x' name, insert 'x' into response. But there clearly needs to be some kind of check before it just does it. From the looks of other posts this is just the "partner jealousy" algorithm and that it's something the Chucklefish wants to expand on. Don't know if this is true. If not, this is a clear bug that should/could be remedied easily. If Chucklefish does plan to expand, we should at least get a stop-gap for it before a massive update that changes the whole "jealousy mechanics". Either way, shouldn't be hard to go in there and make sure it cross checks the name with the host player whose getting jelly over herself getting a gift.

    I'm okay with being bitched at for flirting with Elliot and his flowing hair and big strong sea arms, when I give him a lobster. But my wife shouldn't be eye twitching because I gave her other personality a rock.
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    • Xylia

      Xylia Tiy's Beard

      AFAIK, the achievement to "10 heart everybody" is not everybody, because you can't 10-heart Singles unless you're married to them. So when it says "10 heart everybody", they mean non-eligible people. In fact, the achievement only asks for 8 10-hearts, and that's easily do-able without 10-hearting the singles (which you can't even do, except for your spouse).

      There IS an achievement for 5-hearting 20+ people, and I think that would require some Singles, but 5-heart ain't that hard to get if you simply talk to them every day (especially considering that the Bulletin Board bundle adds 2 hearts to every person in the game).
      • MrsEvilbird

        MrsEvilbird Pangalactic Porcupine

        Actually, you can .. I've tested this.. and even though i'm married, i was still able to get past 8 hearts with all the singles and get the 10 heart cut scene without even giving them a bouquet ^^

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