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A topic of many suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Zawisza, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Zawisza

    Zawisza Astral Cartographer

    1) Character Bios: So, as the game progress in really good way and more updates are getting done, i must really say, that story is kind of neglected. I mean okay, i get the shmuck here, we aren't supposed to know everything (yet). But there are things which kind of need explaining, especially since the game community grows by every minute. So my suggestion here is: If we manage to complete the game on monsoon difficulty, let it unlock bio of the character we were playing. Name, gender, race, background, basic measures, rank, why he/she was on Astro Train during hour zero and so on. And of course a nice close up, just like in monster logs. This kind of thing will not olny get us to the answer why Providence was a dick, but also we will be able to get involved with our characters and their will to survive. It will be no nameless commando, or loader. They will have a name, and reason to survive. Maybe in future updates we will learn, little by little, why and where are we. But for now just a little thing for restless theorycrafters?

    2) Alternate end boss: Right now, at least log wise, we have three factions raging war over the nameless planet in RoR. We have Bulwark and his endless waves of planet's wildlife, Imps and outsiders, a.k.a. us and the Scavenger. While outsiders doesnt matter in the grand scheme, we just crashed the party because some douche destroyed our Astro Train, the Imps are having a big role in the lore of the game. So suggestion here is simple. After certain conditions are made (eg. beaten the game on monsoon with all characters or beaten the game on monsoon with Imp Artifact forgot the name) we can unlock the alternate boss, the one which command the Imp race. And after beating him some alternate ending (probably depending on character we are playing). It can also be the stage beyond UES Contact Light, I mean, in the last cutscene we see the interior of the ship and after fade to black we can hear the tping sound. If, theoretycally speaking, Bulwark was protecting his planet from something imprisoned in the forementioned, after he is gone, it would get free eventually. And judging how strong Bulwark was, this thing must be insanely powerful, if he could not destroy it. It would be nice, kinda BoI but not exacly.

    3) There are too little Imps in the game: This one is pretty self explanatory. We have too little Imps. Even if we count Ifrit, we have like 4 types, from which one doesnt even hurt us and two are bosses, which one is randomish and one is reserved for the Icy Tundra stage. If there is a full scale attack on the planet, just some random foot soldiers and their leaders are not quite enough. In fact, granted that i am not mistaken here, this is quite laughful that Imps are preparing full scale attack on a whole planet, and their master plan is to drop some troopers, few drop pods with babies and a handful of Overlords. And an Ifrit.

    ed: as more things coming up to my head, im changing the name and reason for this topic. Instead of just one sugestion ill write down all of them here so the forum wont be flooded by topics. I will up this once in a while
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    • gufufu

      gufufu Space Hobo

      proviDENSE: lol i got all the stuffs from ur ship
      CommanDURR: u suk
      Pimp army: lololo we can teleport
      CommanDURR: NO
      proviDENSE: yar
      Pimp army: yar
      CommanDURR: yar
      ScavenJERK: yar!
      3) imps x 46537289 = imp ossible game

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