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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Yarf, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. Yarf

    Yarf Void-Bound Voyager

    Starbound Dungeon Color Helper

    If you don't know how to test your dungeon, download the tiny mod.
    You'll have to adjust certain parameters (like direction for objects (being worked on:sneaky:), and I didn't test the wires:halo:).
    Parts are not yet implemented.
    Feel free to check the help in the menu.
    Please test it, and tell me what you think of it, and how I could make it better (particularly if you get errors...:cancel::cancel::cancel:).
    If it's not working, you'll probably need to download/update Microsoft Net Framework 4.5.
    Anyway, I hope it can be of use to you.

    :boo:!! Put the file in a folder before you open it, 'cause it creates some files (for assets). !!:boo:


    Link: Dungeon Color Helper.exe?dl=0
    Mod to test your Dungeon: (just copy the modTestDungeon folder in your Mods folder,
    then copy your dungeon files in the dungeons\mydungeon folder)
    (You might have to manually edit the 2 config.patch files to suit your dungeon (name, gravity, ...)

    Updated Thursday, 29 October 16:25:53 (GMT + 2:00)

    + Easy selection of pixel
    + Click and drag to draw
    + Edit window is bigger
    + You can scroll when zoomed by using middle button or CTRL + left click
    + Selecting wrong folder for unpacked asset will not throw an error
    + When you select a tile or a color with options in the list, you can copy its options to draw with
    + If you right click on a pixel, then click 'Copy Color', it assigns the pixel info(color, comment, brush) to your pen
    + Now working for every categories (terrain, object, liquid, npc, maybe wires^^)
    o Erase option not needed since you can copy empty tile
    o You still have to copy/paste text in your dungeon file, and rename&copy the png files, but for now, I prefer that. Don't want to screw your files... :cautious:
    - Still need to implement Line option.:cry:
    - Need to better implement parts. :lod:
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  2. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    Program errors when I select any check box or radial.

    Seems like a great idea. Till we get our hands on Tiled, color maps are really the only way to make dungeons.
  3. Yarf

    Yarf Void-Bound Voyager

    Mmmm... :/ Ok, thanks for trying it. I'll try to test it on another computer to see what's wrong. Sorry I made you lose your time.
    For now, I'll take the file from the net. I'll try to update as fast as I can.
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  4. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    No lost time. Don't worry, Im glad to test it cus I know it will be beneficial to many.
  5. Yarf

    Yarf Void-Bound Voyager

    That's what I'm hoping for...
    More dungeons, more contents for us players...
    Ok, I tried it on a computer where Visual Studio wasn't present.
    It should work. I think that was my fault.
    If you can test it again, that'd be great.
    I'll update the link.
    Just put the exe in a folder (forgot to mention that) since it creates some files, it'll be easier.
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  6. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    Don't take this as being harsh. I honestly think this tool will be very useful.

    The good:
    - Easy material/object selection
    - shows json code

    The not so good:
    - Curser seems a little inaccurate, also no click and drag for coloring.
    - Selectible image size would be nice too. most dungeons are parts that are generated together randomly.
    - Larger coloring window too. When zooming, its easy to get lost.
    - Selecting you assets folder is a bit touchy. If you select anything but your unpacked folder, it will error out.
    - Doesnt save color selections of things you've used.

    Its a great start, honestly. Just not quite ready for prime time. Keep it up. Ill keep testing as long as you work on it.
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  7. Yarf

    Yarf Void-Bound Voyager

    Nope, that's not harsh, that's really helpful. Thank you for taking time to test it.
    As I said, I'm not a great coder, but I'll try my best.
    About the not so good:
    1. You're absolutly right for the cursor being inaccurate. It's okay when you're used to it, but I'll try to work it out.
    2. I'm not sure about this one (and that's why I'm glad you're here to tell me). I know complex dungeons are made of various smaller parts, but...
    Are you talking about the size of the image of the dungeon in the app? Or the part? That's something I didn't really looked upon, so I'm eager to know.
    3. I know zooming is not so cool, but that should be easy to fix.
    4. Yeah, my fault... That's the kind of problem you had on your first try. I'll make it less touchy. ^^
    5. Yeah, that's something I didn't think about at all. It just tells you when you want to use a color that is already used. I'll thinnk about it.

    Thanks for all you told me, and thanks again for your time. Don't worry, I won't update it every hour. I'll try to fix the things you remarked, and then I'll get in touch with you.
  8. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    Basically all dungeons are comprised of sections. Since your program, far as I can tell, presets the images it generates to a set size, this makes it, not so ideal for making dungeon sections. If I were making one huge static dungeon, then it would be fine.

    Update things at your own pace. You are doing the heavy lifting here. :rofl: I wouldn't even know where to begin with making a program like this.
  9. Yarf

    Yarf Void-Bound Voyager

    Ok, I understand.
    Huge static dungeons were what I was making, so I hadn't that problem.^^ Thanks for explaining.
    Number 1 is mostly done with middle button support to scroll when zoomed. I'll see to add options to draw lines (easy) and paint (not too easy, but I've got an idea). Need an erase tool too.
    Yeah, I won't be able to much work on it tomorrow, but I'll see what I can do. I need to really understand how parts work in dungeons, but that should be ok.

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