A tiny 1.3 Rail Suggestions Post

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    (Please note that I write this as someone without modding/development experience with starbound, so some of these may be harder than I write, but with general coding and design skills, they seem reasonable.)

    1. Horizontal Tram Stops

    The current rail tram stops seem designed for Horizontal Rails. That is, the connectors do not overlay a horizontal rail, and horizontal connections to other stops are clear and easy to read. However, vertical rail lines have the connectors overlaying space that could be used for rail triggers or other wired rail objects, and are impossible to read connections on. The solution is easy, flip the current object for the tram stop, making a second "flipped" item with connectors on the left and right, instead of the top and bottom.

    2. Rail Doors

    The addition of Rail hatches is fantastic, and makes it easy to construct vertical connections between structure floors. However, there seems to be a lack of rail DOORS, which would obviously serve a similar role in horizontal lines. I'm not sure if these have some development reason for not existing, but it seems like there should be a small/large station rail door, perhaps made to line up with how the rail exists in the "Long Horizontal Corridor" Station piece.

    And that's all I note for now. I might edit this in the future if more design space opening changes are noticed.
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