A terrible mod request (Elliot)

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    I can’t help it. I think this needs to happen.

    Would anyone want to make a mod where once Elliot said the below to you, it unlocked the mod.

    What is the mod, you say? If you approach Elliot while he’s inside the bed between 11pm and 1am and tap to interact with him, you get a dialogue box asking “Give Elliot a buzz cut? Y/N”.

    if you select N and accept the answer, nothing happens. If you select Y and accept the answer, you hear maybe the scythe or sword sound for cutting non-creatures and Elliot “wakes up” in a dialogue box.

    His portrait would be changed to shocked face but with a buzz cut. Make up any upset-Elliot dialogue that fits and deduct hearts from Elliot for this mutilation of his beloved locks.

    it would take whatever time amount to grow back and we can have one more portrait set that is “in between” buzzed short and fully grown back, so that it makes sense during that time frame. Any other negative dialogue that could relate to this could be added or chosen from current dialogue.

    He only is ok once his hair fully grows back. Maybe it takes a whole season to grow back.

    What do people think?


    What do people think?
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