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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ribi, May 1, 2018.

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    Hello, I have a suggestion that I think could really help the game with first time players. The problem I had the first time I played was I couldn't Figure out where or how to do something that I had unlocked in the game, due to this I found myself going to the Wiki on a regular basis (and I still am!). To solve this I came up with and idea… “The unlockable wiki”, now I know what your thinking; 1 That name sucks; 2 So can you just unlock the hole wiki ???. Short answer no, since that would spoil a lot of things. So this is my idea (wow it took awhile to get to the idea). “The unlockable wiki” which I will refer to as TUW for now will do such… Each time you catch a fish you will unlock the wiki page on it. Now I'm sure you would have to change the wiki a bit i'm just saying wiki because it contains info about it. So why have the wiki show you new info on this fish you catched… Well it would be nice to know what its used in, is it used in a bundle? Possible price? (I say possible because i'm not sure on saying the price) When you can catch it - So if it's only catchable in summer so you don't try forever to catch it in spring for example. Now that's only about fish of course but this could be nice with NPC’s like when one says “Oh this is my favorite thing” for example it would add that to the page so you know what to give them. Another use will be explaining tasks, I don't understand a lot of things on this game, and I have watched many videos where they say the same thing over and over again “It is not explained well, Well when I look at the wiki I understand the info. Now this is a basic idea am i'm sure it would need to be extended upon but i'd really like to see this in the game I think it would really help!

    Thanks! -Ribi of Tomiko Farm

    Sorry for the block of text! :p
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