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    This game is great and I could probably write a whole essay explaining why, but I'd like to post some thoughts on what could improve it a little.

    First my suggestion. I notice that the damage values aren't accurate a lot of the time during battles. I'll see a enemy troop with 34% health and my attack says it will do 34% damage (or 35% I forget. I'll take screenshots next time I see the opportunity) but they still survive. The battle damage estimate will even show that there won't be a counterattack before it will kill.

    If random damage ranges is part of your vision of the game then I think the range should be shown in the game's ui when making attacks. The wiki mentions that damage is somewhat random so I figured this wasn't a bug or rounding shenanigans and part of the dev's vision of the game.

    A few quality of life features I'd like to see are:

    1) The ability to quickly view all your units that haven't performed an action. Like holding a button down to make them shine a certain colour or multiple colours to make them more visible perhaps?

    2) A replay button to view the opponent's last turn would be helpful, especially in fog of war maps.

    3) Seeing the crit modifiers or crit damage for each unit in the game's damage matrix. The information is available on the wiki but it would be nice to see it in game as well.

    4) Damage matrix values for building counterattacks. I can't find this anywhere in game. I also think buildings deal full counterattack damage even at low health but there's nothing in the codex for me to confirm that.

    5) Make the hold button down to skip a battle cutscene a second shorter. I'm still new to a lot of the factions and untis so if it's a battle I haven't seen before I'd like to watch it, but I'd also like to skip the ones that I've seen plenty of times already.

    Thanks for hearing me out. Love the game!

    (also sorry for posting this in the support section. My eyes and brain must be getting old)

    Here's some screenshots I took to explain what I mean with the damage range. Apparently the range is +5% to -5% from what the game tells you. Thing is the damage matrix says Mercia does 95 damage, yet the battle estimate shows 100%. Notice how in the first attempt, it did not kill yet the estimate doesn't show counterattack damage.

    If ranged were shown instead and counterattacks showed "DEAD or 0% - max_possible_damage_if_still_alive", it would support the idea of damage ranges. That or remove the randomness if it's not part of your vision of the game. Ultimately it's your decision but I think the ranges should be shown if you going with that.

    I also don't think the game outright tells you about the ranges in story mode or in the codex. I had to dig deep in the wiki and reddit posts to see that it was a thing.

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