Poem A Starbound Chistmas [Poem] + [Images Later]

Discussion in 'Winter Holiday Contest' started by sacredvows, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. sacredvows

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    Through the vast tracts of space
    A Shuttle flies a breakneck pace
    Through the ever-present Cold
    Searching for a planet old

    This planet of Ice and Snow and Rock
    Contains a rather surprising Shock
    A family of penguins red,
    Fantastic caps upon their heads

    Only but one time each year
    They leave their planet to spread good cheer
    Flying on a slay of Green
    An odder sight cannot be seen

    If this sight you wish to purvey
    Listen close to what I say
    Wrap up tight inside your bed,
    Leave a plate of Herring Heads

    If you're good your gift you name
    If you're bad, they give you flame
    Your wishes might well come true
    As they leave a gift for you

    Remember this warning true
    lest fire and flames come to you
    Also I should mention
    Despite a little apprehension

    If you indeed are roasted
    Are charred, burned, or lightly toasted
    Don't seek revenge on the penguins red
    Don't seek their green flying sled

    Just let their lesson keep you warm
    You survived and you are safe from harm
    This last tidbit may change your mood
    These penguins only cook their food

    So take it well, know you are beaten
    It's still better than being eaten.
  2. sacredvows

    sacredvows Space Hobo

    I'm currently trying to find a way to delete this, as in my eagerness I had not realized someone else used this title [Sorry about that, as it wasn't intended]. I will delete this and remake it as soon as I figure out how.
  3. Sham

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    You'll have to ask a mod to help you out for this! Remember to select [Poem] from the drop-down menu when you remake it! :)

    Great poem though, I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  4. If you don't want to remake it, just let me (or another staff member know) what title you'd like and we'll change it for you. :)

    Nice poem, by the way. The two last lines are amusing. :p
  5. sacredvows

    sacredvows Space Hobo

    Thank you for the assistance :)
  6. sacredvows

    sacredvows Space Hobo

  7. sacredvows

    sacredvows Space Hobo

    Sorry, I need to withdraw this . I have been too ill to complete it at present. Although it may find its way to another forum on completion. If one of the moderators could delete this I would appreciate it. I would prefer not to leave something half finished.
  8. Sham

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    You don't need to do that! I enjoy it as is, and I am sure other people do too!

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