A somewhat specific request for a mod port request

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  1. ditetej

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    May someone with a Steam account please request the creator of https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1702704154 to create a thread of their mod over here too?

    I've never knew just how much I wanted it until I saw it over on https://sayterdarkwynd.github.io/races3.html#fragments, as I'm an avid fan of Lovecraftian horrors and eldritch abominations! Unfortunately however, I have purchased Starbound over at GOG instead of Steam...

    Edit: yes, you do need a Verified Steam Accountâ„¢ to subscribe or even post a comment on a discussion page, it seems... and I don't have the sort of cash for buying a game twice. If no one cares though, I'm okay with that too.

    Edit: I would still appreciate it though if you could request the creators of "Fragments of Ruin" to upload their mod on here too so they could know how much we appreciate their work
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  2. Triticamon

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    I think its still being worked on about it being built to be compatible with the frackin race as there seems to not be complete, and one person said for the fragments of ruin race perk would be insanity immunity, which I believe make sense in some regards. But I think its clearly not compatible with the frackin mode yet, and I don't know when

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