Story A Shooting Star with Lots of Presents!

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    Jimmy was an Avian, born on Christmas day, and was raised in a small Apex facility on a lush planet after his parents started to work there but mysteriously "Disappeared." Due to losing his parents, Jimmy was always trying to find someone to look out for him, but the Apex were lousy babysitters. They would never pay attention to him, and if he spoke out of turn, they would smack him and threaten to use their latest experiment on him.

    Jimmy had one dream however, and that was to go to space. Every single time a spaceship departed from the facility, he would watch it with complete longing until it vanished into the abyss of space. Of course, the Apex would always chastise him for his "childish behavior" and smack him whenever he did it. Every Christmas, he hoped his parents would walk into his room with a bag of presents and say that they were moving to a different place. They never have, and never will.

    This Christmas was special however. This Christmas was the year he would turn 16, the year he would, under normal circumstances, become a guard of an Avian Temple. He knew that he never would, but it made him feel older, more mature, and he welcomed the feeling after so many years of neglect and abuse. The day before Christmas, he got up quickly and did his chores so that he wouldn't be hit the day before his birthday. He roamed the woods around the facility, happy to have some free time.

    The patch of Octoberry Bushes was his favorite place to stay. He would crush the berries and apply them to the cuts and bruises he got every few days. It also had a beautiful view of the dormant volcano that he would sometimes visit. He would go to the patch every day, and at night he sometimes snuck out just to look at the stars. After roaming the forests, gathering gifts for some of the very few Apex actually nice to him, he returned to the facility, with a feeling of dislike for the Apex, even hate, for he hated the way he was treated, and just wanted to escape.

    The cool night breeze shocked Jimmy back into reality. He was sitting in the patch of Octoberries, having sneaked his way past the guards just for some fresh air. He gazed at the sky, hoping for his parents to be in his room when he returned. Just as he was about to leave, he noticed a travelling star, and a distant Ho Ho Ho!! He wondered why anybody would be yelling Ho Ho Ho at this time of night, but didn't give it much thought as he walked back to the facility to rest, for his birthday was tomorrow, and he was hoping to get something to play with.

    Jimmy woke up to a loud crash, one that made him jump out of bed and reach his arms over his head, ready to deflect the oncoming blow he knew would happen. When it didn't, he opened his eyes to see a mountain of presents stacked across the wall opposite him. He was puzzled, as it was also 3:00 in the morning, but the confusion quickly turned to joy. "Maybe my birthday won't be so bad this year!" He thought with a hopeful feeling in him. He opened the smallest one, and his hope turned to reality...

    The spaceship was disappearing in the sky by the time the Apex figured out what happened. Jimmy found a key to one of the spaceships in that tiny box. He quickly opened the all the presents, taking what he wanted, and used the ugly wool socks, sweaters, and hats to barricade his door. Jumping out the window, Jimmy ran to the spacecraft launch building, jumped in a spaceship, and flew away. The Apex never figured put how Jimmy got that key, Jimmy doesn't know how he got it either, but his dreams came true on Christmas Day, and his life became happier. THE END!

    Hmm... I'm pretty bad at this, aren't I?

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