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Discussion in 'Mods' started by QuantumConcious, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Joejoe2105

    Joejoe2105 Tentacle Wrangler

    Check the buildings layer odds are there are some invisible tiles... Erase them and enjoy your pondless farm :)
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    • Aresd25

      Aresd25 Void-Bound Voyager

      wow I feel silly now that was the issue Thanks joe
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      • Joejoe2105

        Joejoe2105 Tentacle Wrangler

        Glad I could help. Love this game
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        • rinbabo

          rinbabo Void-Bound Voyager

          Hi I need help ,I try edit the farmhouse ,but it not show up on my game .I already pack with xnb node too and copas to my game but still not show up :( Help please 1517155565262.png 1517155562906.png

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          • Lorekiss

            Lorekiss Master Chief

            I haven't gotten that far so I can't be too much help but maybe this video has information you might need?
            • FieryChaos

              FieryChaos Cosmic Narwhal

              @rinbabo There are several farmhouse files:
              1. FarmHouse.xnb = the starting house.
              2. FarmHouse1.xnb = the first upgrade.
              3. FarmHouse1_marriage.xnb = the first upgrade when you're married.
              4. FarmHouse2.xnb = the second and subsequent upgrades.
              5. FarmHouse2_marriage.xnb = the second and subsequent upgrades when you're married.
              Make sure you meet the requirements for and edit the right one. If you just want the same farmhouse always, copy over your file 5 times and rename each one as listed above.
              • Lorekiss

                Lorekiss Master Chief

                Is there a way in tIDE to recenter the map? I needed to make my map bigger and the only way I could was by expanding the pixel length. However when I did that the map recentered... I don't want to have to go through every other map that has warps to my farm so is there an easy fix to this or am I going to have to edit every other map?
                • Rauchschwalbe

                  Rauchschwalbe Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  Hi, I want to change the look of the stardrop saloon. Till now I only edited the xnb.-files to change the looks of some things (like the bath house). But I only find the tiles of the Saloon in the towninterior.xnb. And it contains ALL interiors.
                  Is there no other way to edit the stardrop saloon only?
                  • BritneyMc0206

                    BritneyMc0206 Void-Bound Voyager

                    Hello. I haven't noticed any explanations in either the guide here or the videos about how some maps don't have png files. The files I get when following these directions are yaml & tbin. I try to open the tbin with tIDE but I get an error. I found on another post that said
                    You need to release paths.xbn in tilesets. Every map has a set of dependencies that bring tile assets to it so to properly display the map (e.g. farm); the error is telling you it needs a few other tile sets unpacked.

                    When first opening a map (provided you are not unpacking a complete contents directory) you unpack and see what the map wants via that error then unpack that file and repeat the unpacking of tile sets until it stops moaning. You can add in more tile set dependancies with tIDE if there are tiles you really want to add, but they are in another xbn. A good example would be if you wanted to replace all those ponds on the farm with the tub of water that's in the Greenhouse, that asset is hiding in towninterior.xbn

                    Edit less wall of text and other pedantic mandates.

                    but the only thing I understand (probably because I'm stuck on this part) is something about finding what the error's talking about, but the only thing the error tells me is it's going to a paths.png, but the files don't have a png?

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                    • NomadMods

                      NomadMods Tentacle Wrangler

                      Hey dudes and dudettes.
                      I have a several questions regarding a custom map.
                      Currently I am attempting to create a double apartment in which I plan to add 2 custom NPC's.
                      This being my first map however, I have some questions left after the video tutorial.
                      Is it possible to confine an NPC to one side of a building ? I have seen a tile property existing that makes NPC's not pass it, is it possible to limit this to a specific NPC only ?
                      Next up are windows and lighting, could someone explain to me how the daytime property works and if it's possible with lights as well?
                      Are custom doors possible if I want to make a seperate sheet of those as well, or am I limited to the basegame ones?
                      How many layers are you allowed to have in your map, and how do I determine between which ones the player moves, what he/she can't pass ?
                      Does NPC pathing work by literally drawing it on with the tilesheet ? What if I have a tile property to block NPCs from moving over it and a path covers it ?

                      If you have any suggestions as to what I should do with this, or be aware of, please let me know.
                      Thanks in advance.

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                      • Allayna

                        Allayna Phantasmal Quasar

                        Can anyone help? somehow in editing this map, I've made some of the default bridges impassible. It's odd as the same tiles on this map on other maps have no issues! Note- I've included the spring ladder file, the file is needed in the maps folder to work right.

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                        • FieryChaos

                          FieryChaos Cosmic Narwhal

                          @Allayna If you haven't figured it out yet, usually how it's done is:
                          1. The bridge tiles properties in the tilesheet needs to be "Passable True" and in the Buildings layer.
                          2. The water tiles in the Back layer underneath the bridges needs the "Passable" property removed from them in the tilesheet and the tiles on either side of the bridges need to be non-passable tiles. (Note: since you'll be needing to change properties of multiple water tiles unless you removed the dark water in places, you may find yourself being able to walk through water off the bridges in some parts: in this case, just add non-passable invisible tiles in the Buildings layer on both sides of the bridges.)
                          Also a note on the Passable property: it'll function as it should when defined true or false when the tile is placed in the Buildings layer, but as soon as you use that tile in the Back layer (and probably the other layers too), the tile will always be non-passable, regardless of if it's defined true or false in the tilesheet (hence why it needs to be removed from the tile properties in the tilesheet to make it passable when it's not in the Buildings layer.)
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                          • Meevers

                            Meevers Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                            Is there a way in Tiled or Tide to switch between seasons while editing a map? It's kind of annoying to not be able to see how things look on a map in winter since some tiles don't seem to line up correctly in winter even though they do for all the other seasons.
                            • Allayna

                              Allayna Phantasmal Quasar

                              something i've done a couple times is renamed the winter tilesheets to spring, then the program will use it. Just remember to change things back! :D
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                              • Meevers

                                Meevers Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                Ohhh good idea! Thank you. :DD
                                • Ahrnie

                                  Ahrnie Poptop Tamer

                                  Hi! I was browsing through this tread, but after twenty something pages I decided to post my question in the hopes that someone can help me.

                                  I'm having problems with the path objects. Especially the hardwood objects and the big stones.

                                  I use Tiled with the .tbin plug-in for the map editing.

                                  The additional objects from the paths tile sheet that I've put on the maps don't show in the game. This happens on all maps that are NOT the farm map. On the farm map everything works fine and dandy, but the town and backwoods doesn't show the extra hardwood and big boulder objects, but show trees and bushes. the rail road doesn't show anything, and the same goes for the maps from the mod Backwoods Inn. All I get is a debris free map.
                                  I've triple checked the layers and the tile sheets and the files everything seems to be in order.... but still not work.

                                  Many thanks in advanced! And thanks for a great forum!

                                  I read here that there are transparent tiles used for blockage, this might explain why I cant reach certain areas on the farm (the woods behind the house)..... but how can I tell if there is a transparent tile, and in what layer, how do I remove them without accidentally removing the stuff I want to be there?
                                  Thanks again!
                                  • Ahrnie

                                    Ahrnie Poptop Tamer

                                    Another question, this time about map strings:
                                    Does anyone know which character you use if you want a sign to point downwards? Can't find an example of it in the Vanilla files.
                                    for example if you want a sign to say "pelican town" with an arrow to the right you use
                                    " > Pelican town" #!String with the > character for the right pointing arrow. I've figured out north/up, east/right, west/left, but not south/down
                                    Does anyone know?

                                    Thanks in advanced! :D
                                    • Allayna

                                      Allayna Phantasmal Quasar

                                      There isn't one for some reason... It's weird. (unless one was added somewhere in beta)

                                      I've never worked with Tiled, but these invisible tiles are in the building layer. My strategy was to just select 'empty' areas in the buildings layer and hit delete.
                                      Also, as a budding map editor, this mod will be your best friend (I wish it had been created WAY sooner)
                                      Data Maps
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                                      • Ahrnie

                                        Ahrnie Poptop Tamer

                                        All my signs that need a downward pointing arrow..... :catcry:
                                        well that begs the question; does anyone know how to make one? or is it hard coded in the game?

                                        Thank you for the tip! I'll download it immediately. I'm currently checking all my maps and erasing empty areas in the building layers....

                                        Also Allayna, I've just replied to your post for the kitchen nook mod on Nexus, sorry for the late reply! My alerts for notifications on Nexus was deactivated by default so I didn't see you post until today.

                                        • hwayunhae

                                          hwayunhae Zero Gravity Genie

                                          The flower vase tiles are smaller in the tilesheet you access when editing/making a map than in the seasonal tilesheet. select the location where the errant tiles appear on the AlwaysFront layer, hit delete, and try it out in game. the disembodied tiles should be gone.

                                          If you want to avoid having decapitated plant-life during non spring/fall months, try adding the summer and winter tilesheets to your editor so you can view the coordinates of the missing tiles, and then select those coordinates on your spring map, and paste it into your AlwaysFront layer in the appropriate spot.

                                          (I think the easiest way to do this would be to paste from the winter/summer tilesheet, and then paste over it with the spring tilesheet's tiles, so you get the alignment right)

                                          You may be able to accomplish this using the paths layer. As long as the paths your two npcs travel never intersect, they shouldn't enter each other's space. Maybe. I would reference the NPC houses that have multiple family members to see how they did the bedrooms, since AFAIK, they go back to their own rooms at certain times of day.

                                          So when setting up their schedules, you would guide them along the pathing in the direction of their own side of the house, as opposed to their neighbor's.
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