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Discussion in 'Mods' started by QuantumConcious, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Allayna

    Allayna Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yeah, that bit is incorrect. You want to go into Content/Strings/ and get and extract the StringsFromMaps.xnb file.
    In that file, you will add a line
    Place.#: "Message Content" #!String
    The in the map file, you will put on the building tile
    Action | Message Place.#

    For example, like "Town.1: "Clinic - Hours 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM" #!String" is line 324 in the strings file, and if you look in the town map, there is "Action | Message Town.1" on the clinic hours sign tile.

    Edit - I see Karmylla beat me to this... Although to clarify something she said, you do not HAVE to reference the specific map in the string file. Doing it by map is good practice for showing where the message is displayed, but not nessasary. For example, for my Expanded Access mod, I added several lines starting with "Expanded.#" beacause I wanted them listed together.
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    • Karmylla

      Karmylla Cosmic Narwhal

      Oh no, I didn't say that you need to reference the specific map, or at least that was not what I intended when I said "respective maps", that little bit was to distinguish the two examples that I was giving, the Seed Shop and the Adventure Guild!
      But it doesn't matter, I think Androxilogin got the message from both of us xD
      • Androxilogin

        Androxilogin Existential Complex

        Urg.. I hate messing with this since the localization B.S. That's why I quit modding in the first place. Made my HUGE inappropriate dialogue mod then found it was all screwed up days after updating. So basically if there is a mod that has any new messages to the map it requires adding to this one file. So a lot of mods will not be compatible with others. Ridiculous.
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        • Karmylla

          Karmylla Cosmic Narwhal

          Yes, it made things a lot more difficult, but it did open new doors for translations, which is always a plus.
          You'll see, once you get used to this new system, you won't even notice the extra work it takes! I actually like looking at the strings file and seeing every message organised, it helps with correcting gramatical errors and such, it's neat.
          Although, it is also tricky when you can't pack the file due to some small little detail that disrupts the code. Believe me, YAML checkers have been a true friend when you can't figure out what is going wrong with the code!

          Edit: Also, the compatibility patches! Urghhhhhhhhh, okay, I'll complain about that, that's just awful!
          • Androxilogin

            Androxilogin Existential Complex

            I don't mind YAML so much, compatibility is what gets on my nerves. This will be a major inconvenience that sets a lot of limitations to avoid soo many hassles.
            • Lorekiss

              Lorekiss Intergalactic Tourist

              Sorry, I have several questions. Some may have been answered earlier but I can't sift through 45 pages to find it...

              1. I am trying to add a tile sheet I found from a similar thread but I always get an error saying "The specified id is already used by another tile sheet" how do I add ids to my tile sheets?
              2. from the path at the bottom of the farm maps, how do I get it to teleport me to Marnie's Ranch/ Cindersap forest?
              3. How can I make my own map and add it to the title screen so any future characters can choose it? (preferably without replacing any of the starting maps)
              • Allayna

                Allayna Subatomic Cosmonaut

                1 - In the window that comes up when you first choose to add a tilesheet, the first entry to fill in is "ID".
                3 - Custom Farm Types

                2 - Two kinds of warps are possible:
                Click warp - This kind you right click on to use, like the doors in town. On the building layer, right click on the tile and go into properties.
                First column - Action
                Second Column - Warp x y MapName

                For example Warp 1 10 FarmHouse is the warp on the door of the farmhouse, takes you to tile 1,10 on the FarmHouse map.

                Touch warp - This kind you just walk into with your character. At the top of Tide, go to Map, Properties, Custom Properties.
                First column - Warp
                Second Column - x y MapName x y

                For example 1 10 FarmHouse 1 12 will put a warp on tile 1,10 of the current map that takes you to FarmHouse tile 1,12.
                Normally if you are going to put a touch warp on the edge of a map, you will put it just outside the map, like if the tile at the bottom edge you want to warp at is 15,24, put the warp at 15,25
                Multiple warps for one map just have a space inbetween them, like "1 9 Farmhouse 1 12 1 10 FarmHouse 1 12 1 11 Farmhouse 1 12"

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